John Bravakis visits campus

John Bravakis, a 1980 Communication graduate, met with about two dozen UW Communication students during a one-day visit to campus on April 7, 2003. John is a partner in the Los Angeles-based television production company, Triage Inc., and made a special swing through Seattle–while on a trip to the Northwest–so that he could return to campus and talk with students.

John described his own career path, noting that he moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduation from the UW. He held a variety of jobs–at a game show, magazine show, entertainment news show–and found that one of the chief skills he needed was the ability to learn quickly while on the job. He also stressed the importance of networking, saying it was another key ingredient in the success he’s had in his career. True to his word, John also networked with Communication students, offering suggestions for those interested in the television or film industry.

Triage, which John established in 1997 with his partners Stu Schreiberg and Stephen Kroopnick, has been involved in a large number of projects for Fox Family Channel, HBO, UPN, ABC, Lifetime Television, USA Network/SciFi Channel, Showtime, History Channel and The Disney Channel. Triage’s television specials include “Miss Universe 2001,” “Miss USA 2001” and a Christmas special, “Home for the Holidays” (all for CBS).

John’s key advice to students: First: Have a dream. That’s what drives you, that’s what keeps you going when times are difficult. Second: Have a plan that helps you reach your dream. Develop a plan to build a career. A successful plan for starting out in a new career includes some very basic elements, such as where to live, establishing a budget and — if you’re in LA — having a car. Third, Create a resume that’s brief and easy to read. If you have a CD or some other multimedia examples, be prepared to leave them with potential employers. Fourth: Network. Building professional links through social events, volunteer work and other contacts. Potential employers will get to know you in situations such as these, and come to value your expertise. Fifth: Focus. Do your job and do it well. When you’re working for a company that wants to make money, you need to stay focused so that you contribute to that overall goal.