Don Kraft: BA, 1948 (Journalism)

Don Kraft, founder of the Department of Communication’s Fred Baker Endowment for Professional Education in Advertising and Public Relations, was president of Kraft Advertising from 1948 until its merger with Honig-Cooper in 1954. He was a vice president of Honig-Cooper until its Seattle office was acquired and became Kraft, Smith & Ehrig in 1959. He was president of that agency until it merged and became Evans/Kraft in 1984. At the time of his retirement in 1993, he was chairman of the parent company, then called EvansGroup.

Since his formal retirement, Kraft has been engaged in consulting and community work and has been chairman emeritus of EvansGroup (now Publicis of the West.) He has been involved as board member and consultant with a number of Northwest companies and is currently on the board of Door to Door Storage.

He was Secretary-Treasurer of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, chairman of the AAAA Western Region and of its Puget Sound Council, international chairman of the Affiliated Advertising Agencies International and served on the board of the Advertising Association of the West and the Seattle Advertising Federation.

Just a few examples of his many achievements:

  • President of the Rotary Club of Seattle and helped raised $3 million for KCTS/9 in 1984
  • President of the University of Washington Alumni Association and received its Distinguished Service Award
  • Chairman of the UW Tyee Board of Advisors and of the UW Development Fund Board
  • Prime Minister of the Seattle Seafair
  • The fiftieth King Neptune in 1999
  • Campaign chair of United Way of King County in 1994
  • And a few examples of his many awards:
  • Seattle Junior Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award as Seattle’s
  • “Young Man of the Year” for 1962
  • Recipient of The Boys Clubs of America’s “Man and Boy Award” in 1960
  • The Distinguished Eagle Award in 1988 from the Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • The “Torchy Torrance 101 Percent Award” from the 101 Club
  • Named the “Wittiest Person in Seattle” in 1996 by Seattle Advertising Federation