Justin Schutz: BA, 2000

Justin recently accepted a position at the Seattle offices of Fitch, a well known global branding and design firm. In his role as Associate Brand Strategist/Copywriter, he will continue his passion for storytelling and creative concepting.

His career has included stints at Edelman, a worldwide public relations firm, Larry’s Markets, Brandrud Furniture, and the law firm of Lane Powell PC. Weathering jobs ranging from public relations flack to marketing to business development — in a turbulent, post-college economy — his positions have all entailed writing.

“If you are passionate about what you do, and if you are bright and hard-working,” he tells us, “then you can redirect yourself over the course of a few early jobs and get where you want to go.”

“Don’t lose sight of your passions and, even if you’re feeling stuck, find ways to exercise your creative muscles in the areas that you love. Find a way to add your unique creative talents to your early jobs, no matter how far off course those early jobs might feel. Eventually, people will take notice.”

A former student of Associate Professor Kathleen Fearn-Banks, Justin participated in three public relations internships after coming to the Communication program from the School of Architecture, two of which were under her supervision. He always knew that his interest in the arts and design could merge with his love of media, pop culture, and communication.

“Learn to synthesize, challenge yourself to think abstractly, read voraciously, force yourself to be a better writer.” These are his tips for developing a great career as a professional communicator.

Justin has spoken twice to students in Fearn-Banks’ classes since graduating and was a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) during his time in the Department of Communication.