Tiffany Wan – Jakarta, Indonesia

Read about and see photos from Tiffany Wan’s internship in Jakarta Indonesia.

From start “T-minus less than a month until my departure to Jakarta, Indonesia! I thought I might as well set up this blog now so that it’s the last thing I have to worry about as I’m packing my things and trying to maintain my sanity three weeks from now.”

To finish “So I finally arrived back in Seattle on Sunday…it’s been really weird coming back home. I love Seattle but I was really getting used to my life in Jakarta as well. I’m sure there’s some kind of psychological term the used in that FIUTS orientation seminar about coming home after time spent abroad. I’m still in this weird in-between stage where I’m re-realizing the differences between Seattle and Jakarta. Anyway, the last few days have been spent overcoming jet lag (for the first two days I couldn’t get up before 3 p.m.) and catching up with friends and family. I have a slew of pictures to post as well from my trip to Cerita and Krakatau, as well as random Jakarta pictures and some from Bali.”

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