Eddie Pasatiempo (BA, 1977): Athlete, business leader, and community activist

Eddie Pasatiempo By Amanda Weber –

E.M. “Eddie” Pasatiempo (BA, 1977) is a man of many titles. Formally he’s a management consultant who has had great success as a leader in business, as an executive in technology and professional services, and in working with organizations going through mergers and reorganizations. He’s a man who cares about community in all respects, serving on the advisory boards of organizations like the Seattle Humane Society, and the World Trade Center of Seattle. He’s also the immediate past president of the UW Alumni Association, who led his staff through a time of great transition.

“You take a look at the prior winners and they have very commendable accomplishments. It is something I never considered I’d be a candidate for,” said Pasatiempo. “I’m honored to be included in the conversation and in the Hall of Fame.” Pasatiempo had a fast-track career, starting off at IBM fresh out of college. At only 25 years old, he had earned his place on IBM’s 100 Percent Club, and was one of three people who won the President’s Award out of 50,000 employees. Anyone might say that Pasatiempo had gained success at an early age, but he professes that the epitome of success can never be reached as there are different bars at every stage of life. “Success now is not what I achieve personally, but what I can give back and how many people I can touch in a positive way. I don’t think I’ve achieved that yet.”

Pasatiempo is genuinely optimistic, and manages to bring smiles to the faces of everyone he meets, whether they’re a stranger or someone he’s known for years. He is also known to persevere through difficult times with a clear view for a better tomorrow. “His enthusiasm and vision for leadership has transformed lots of organizations,” said Department Chair David Domke. “Every time I talk to him he has three new ideas and the energy to make them happen. He’s really someone who just makes every place better where he’s engaged. He’s terrific.”

Pasatiempo credits his experience as a university student, and close friends and colleagues for helping him become the person he is today. As a freshman on a full baseball scholarship, he played shortstop on the varsity team where he learned leadership skills. Pasatiempo also joined the Greek system where he adopted qualities of those around him. “I took strong suits of each individual and tried to build a mosaic of skills from what I respected in them,” said Pasatiempo. “I was really fortunate to have a collection of good and talented friends.”

Looking back at his career, Pasatiempo is proud to have come so far, with plenty of support from his fellow colleagues, friends, and loving wife and daughter. “Every opportunity was great, some more difficult, some not as pleasant, but at the end of the day when you evaluate everything, it all accrued to be something positive.”