Getting to Know Felicia Ishino-Amen, Our Newest Undergraduate advisor


Sanjay BhattFelicia Ishino-Amen did not think she would be going back to school so soon. Her traveling background and promising work experience suggested that she might never set foot on the University of Washington campus again. And yet, here she is with us, Communication’s newest undergraduate advisor. Less than a month in, she is eager to begin assisting university students.

Born in Seattle, Ishino-Amen moved around a lot growing up, living in the Bay Area, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles before returning to Seattle for her senior year at Highline High School. Once she graduated, Ishino-Amen began studying at the University of Washington where she wrote for The Daily. In 2001 she earned her bachelor’s degree in English with emphasis in creative writing, and in 2006 she earned her master’s degree in higher education leadership and policy.

Before joining the Communication staff, Ishino-Amen was at North Seattle Community College from 2008 through 2011 helping students as a Workforce Education Academic Advisor. She also worked in a similar capacity at Seattle Central Community College .

As our new advisor, Ishino-Amen is continuing her passion for helping students. “Part of it is bridging that gap between the community college and the university level. A lot of the students I worked with at North Seattle and Seattle Central will be transferring to the University of Washington,” she said. “My new position gives me a chance to keep these students in my life and continue to help them.”

When Ishino-Amen has free time, she enjoys spending time with her two children; her 14-year-old daughter Isis and 12-year-old son Askia. She also makes time to read novels, work on her painting, and catch the latest episodes of Breaking Bad and Weeds.

Students are encouraged to stop by in person to say hello, or schedule an appointment with Ishino-Amen at