Colloquium Wednesday: The Cost of Inscribing Black Male Bodies & Pathologizing Blackness

Dr. Ronald Jackson, from University of Cincinnati, will present a colloquium on “The Cost of Inscribing Black Male Bodies & Pathologizing Blackness: A Glance at How Tyler Perry Imagines Black Cultural Authenticity.” The talk begins Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in CMU 126.

About the colloquium: Beginning with the presumption that there is arguably something postracial about this epistemological moment in the United States sociopolitical climate, Jackson explores the ways in which this gets contested in implicit ways within Tyler Perry’s films and TV shows. While grappling with terms such as authenticity and body politics, this talk will unpack some of the elements that have led us to both postracialist sentimentality and a nation that is actually paralyzed by race so profoundly that notions of humanity and pathology have become inextricably entwined.