Auction Funds: How do they help?


Study abroad friends enjoy a Roma match versus Inter Milan

As the 4th annual Spring Fundraiser quickly approaches, we wanted to share a few stories about how the money raised at past auctions has helped students and their endeavors:

Sean Wong, a senior double majoring in Communication and Marketing, is collecting data for his undergrad honors thesis with the Department of Communication, while studying abroad in Rome. As an avid soccer fan, Wong decided to look at gender differences between male and female soccer fans, and more specifically between female fans in Rome and in Seattle. He applied and was granted $500 to help buy tickets for his participants. His study is ethnographic in nature and he is collecting data by observing participants and through interviews.

While struggling a bit finding participants in Rome and with the language barrier, Wong said, “I’ve met some of my participants in the weirdest places – at bars, on planes, even at the games.”

Wong’s first participants were Masters students at the University of Roma, introduced to him by the group’s Italian professor. And although he is technically working and researching, it helps that he loves the topic and he’s in a beautiful city.

“I had a really fun time observing my participants at the games,” Wong said. “The environment and the craziness of it all makes my study all the more fun… I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else in the world. I’m in a great county, meeting new people, enjoying the ‘beautiful game’ – I can’t ask for anything more.”

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