Communication Graduation Ceremony 2013

Keynote Speaker Joanne Harrell, photo by Evan Swope.

Keynote Speaker Joanne Harrell, photo by Evan Swope.

On June 13, more than 300 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students gathered in the Liberal Arts Quadrangle (The Quad) to celebrate the accomplishment of receiving a degree from the UW Department of Communication. With the sunshine beaming down and no threats of rain in sight, students walked across the stage with friends and family looking on and snapping photos.

Several faculty members resided on stage to make speeches, read names, present scrolls, and shake hands with the graduates. Among them was Joanne Harrell, the 2013 Distinguished Alumna and Chair of the Board of Regents. As the keynote speaker, she expressed the importance of the degree she received from the Department in 1976 and how communication majors will always be necessary in this ever-changing world.

Harrell’s complete speech is included in the video below. Be sure to visit our Flickr page for photos of the event and check out our Storify for a compilation of all our graduates’ Instagrams and Tweets.

Congratulations to all the graduates!