Four Seattle dynamos collaborate to inspire productive conversation about race

RACE Project-Seattle Times MTG2

The City of Seattle, the University of Washington, the Seattle Times, and the Pacific Science Center – all powerhouses in the Emerald City, but they are about to gain one other commonality. On Monday, August 19, representatives from all four organizations gathered to discuss the conversation of race.

The collaborative discussion was inspired by an upcoming exhibit at the Pacific Science Center called “Race: Are We So Different?” running from September 28 to January 5. It explores the biology, history, and culture of race, while also providing free workshops hosted in conjunction with the City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI). The workshops provide resources with the goal of ending racial inequality in our community.

While still in the beginning stages, the Seattle Times will share stories of people who visited the exhibit to create a sort of public forum discussing why things are the way they are and what can be done to move forward. Students and faculty of the UW Department of Communication will contribute and participate in the discussion – possibly in the form of blog posts and multimedia projects.