UW Comm shines at the 99th Annual NCA Convention

White HouseThe National Communication Association’s (NCA) 99th Annual Convention was last month in Washington D.C., where several of the UW Department of Communication graduate students and alumni received great honors for their successes.

Below is a list of awards received by current Ph.D. students with their comments:

Headshots-6791Miles Coleman (Ph.D. student) gave two papers, one winning the Top Student Paper award in the Communication Ethics Division. That paper is entitled, “The ‘Other-Words’: Connecting Integrity, Respect, and Ethical Communication about Science in the Public Sphere.”

“I had a great time; it was very productive,” Coleman said. “It never hurts to get to meet the other eight people in the country who nerd-out about exactly the same topics and research areas that you do. A lot of really engaging conversation and weird jokes that involved technical terms from communication theory.”

Lauren Archer

While Lauren Archer (Ph.D. student) presented three papers during the convention, she also received a Presidential Commendation for Outstanding Scholarly Service from the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology for her work in redesigning the association’s website.

“NCA is a great experience every year,” she said. “It provides a great opportunity to hear about up and coming research, meet names you normally just read in citations or footnotes, and to reconnect with connections you’ve made in the field. It’s also a great venue for presenting your research and getting feedback from others with similar interests.”


Lindsey Meeks, who successfully defended her dissertation the Monday before the conference, received the Political Communication Division’s Top Student Paper Award for her paper entitled, “He Tweets, She Tweets: Examining Gendered Presentations of Self in 2012 Senate Elections.”

“NCA is always a little overwhelming because thousands and thousands of people attend it, but as I get to know more people in the field, it starts to feel a little more intimate,” Meeks said. “This year I was able to connect with current UW people, UW alums, scholars I met at the NCA Doctoral Honors seminar I attended this past summer, and with other scholars in my line of work – all this made for a more welcoming environment.”

Third year Ph.D. student Margeaux Lippman received a Top Paper Award in the Critical/Cultural Studies Division for a paper entitled, “Glee and Being ‘Born This Way’: Therapeutic and Postracial Rhetorics.” This is her second consecutive Top Paper Award at NCA, and she hopes to make next year her third.

“The conference is very go-go-go, especially when you’re there for the whole time, and you are pinging back and forth between hotels to present or watch other panels or network – it’s hectic,” Lippman said. “But it’s one of the only times in a given year where you get to see everyone who has helped you on your journey. I got to see one of my advisors from my B.A. program while I was there, and it was a very welcome reunion. It really reminds you of how far you’ve come, which is super rad.”

Dylan Medina is a second year Ph.D. student in the English Department, but he gave a paper that he wrote for COM 540 entitled, “Genres of Influence: Potential Genres and Environmental Action in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.” It won a Top Four Paper Award in the Environmental Communication Division.

“The convention was a wonderful experience,” Medina said. “Certainly different from conferences in Rhetoric and Composition, but I was pleased to see that the distance between Rhetoric/Composition and Communication is not so far. It was an honor to be recognized, and I would acknowledge Dr. Ceccarelli for the extensive feedback she gave me as I revised the paper in preparation for submitting it to NCA.”

Alumni of the Department of Communication also made us proud, receiving the following recognition:

Katie Knobloch (2012 Ph.D. grad, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University) received the Laura Crowell Thesis/Dissertation Award from the Group Communication Division.

Justin Reedy (2013 Ph.D. grad, Assistant Professor at Oklahoma University) received the Lynda Lee Kaid Oustanding Dissertation Award from the NCA Political Communication Division.

John Crowley (2013 Ph.D. grad, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University) received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Interpersonal Division.

Kevin Coe (2002 B.A. and 2004 M.A. grad, Assistant Professor at University of Utah), a grad student co-author, received the Michael Pfau Outstanding Article Award from the Political Communication Division.


If we have left someone out, please contact Erica Thompson at emt22@uw.edu and we will gladly add them to the list. Congratulations to all the graduate students and alumni who presented at the NCA Convention and thank you for making us proud.