Lisa Coutu discusses war and media in upcoming symposium

Military & Media snipNext month, Principal Lecturer Lisa Coutu will be participating in a symposium titled “The Military, the Media, and Discussions of War.” She will be joined on the panel by Tacoma News Tribune correspondent Adam Ashton and Colonel David Johnson who is the Director of Public Affairs, US Army I CORPS. The event is hosted by the UW Department of Military Science and the UW Military History Lecture series.

“I love cross-department collaboration and the intersection of academic research and real-word problems, so this is interesting to me on a couple of levels,” Coutu said. “I also have a long standing concern with how we talk about war.”

Dr. Coutu has published two pieces on Robert McNamara and public discussion about the Vietnam War in the Journal of Research on Language and Social Interaction. In addition, she teaches COM 483, Communication Approaches to the Study of War.

The discussion will revolve around two questions: Where does the relationship between the US Military and the media currently stand – and where should it? And how does this relationship impact our public and political dialogue about the nation’s wars?

The symposium takes place on February 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Kane Hall, Room 210.