Sustainability group co-led by Gina Neff awarded by UW

gina-neffThe Communication, Technologies, and Organizational Practices Working Group that is co-led by Associate Professor Gina Neff was awarded an internal grant for the UW Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability’s inaugural “Green Seed Fund.” It’s $77,500 for one year. The grant will apply what the team is doing in its NSF research to improving the sustainability of the UW campus. This will be one of the first teams in the country to combine qualitative, ethnographic work around the uses of and practices with buildings with sophisticated energy analytic techniques. UW’s initiatives around sustainability make this a great test bed for developing this novel methodology.

Neff also has joined the Moore-Sloan e-Science Initiative as part of their ethnographic team. This is a three campus, five year, $38 million initiative to define data science for the 21st century. Neff will likely help design and supervise the research on how scientists communicate in multidisciplinary settings in order to improve the organizational and institutional pathways for computationally-intensive science and build better social and organizational communication infrastructure for data science on the UW campus.

Neff has joined the Board of Directors & Advisors for the Data & Society Research Institute, which has just launched. This group brings together a national set of thinkers around information policy, privacy, and copyright with high-profile technology practitioners.