Gina Neff awarded 10k Faculty Research Award

Associate Professor Gina Neff was awarded a Microsoft FUSE labs Faculty Research Award for $10,000. Below is an overview of the project from Neff and Professor Lilly Irani of UCSD:

This project aims to investigate the following questions: how does work in peer economies change participants’ own subjective identities and expectations of what work can and should look like and their identification with and attachments to particular organizations and platforms? How do these platforms provide new skills and extend social networks that can be mobilized for paid endeavors? How do they support work and workers through new revised forms of institutional logics and support paid work in new and creative ways? What policy responses to work and employability are emerging that will impact peer economy platforms? In other words, to what extent are peer economies changing how workers themselves constitute what good work is across a variety of types of production?