2014-15 Scholarships and Awards


Jody Deering Nyquist Awards: Excellence in Public Speaking 
Jody Deering Nyquist is Associate Dean Emerita of the UW Graduate School and an emerita member of the graduate faculty of the UW Department of Communication. She was the University’s Director of the Center for Instructional Development and Research from 1984 to 2000. Both her undergraduate and graduate work were completed at the University where she has been a faculty member since 1969. In the Department of Communication, Nyquist taught undergraduate and graduate courses in interpersonal and instructional communication, interviewing, small group facilitation, public speaking, and media.  Principal for many grants, her two major ones were from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Spencer Foundation. In addition to over 70 articles and book chapters, she has edited six books and co-authored “Working Effectively with Graduate Assistants and Re-envisioning the Ph.D.: What Concerns Do We Have?” Nyquist has received numerous awards for her work in her discipline and in higher education from the UW and from national and international organizations. She was president of the Western States Communication Association in 1984 and later received its highest award, the Distinguished Service Award. In 1992, she served as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in New Zealand. In 1996, she was awarded the prestigious Robert J. Kibler Award from the National Communication Association.  In 2002, Nyquist received the Samuel L. Becker Award, the highest award given for scholarship, teaching, and service by the National Communication Association.  Nyquist has served on boards for over 50 universities, organizations, independent schools, and nonprofit agencies. She has served on the editorial boards of nine journals and as an outside reviewer for ten universities. She has lectured at over 20 universities in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Japan. She was Visiting Professor at Nagoya University, Nagoya Japan from September 5 to December 5, 2008.  In 2005, Nyquist was inducted into the inaugural class of the Department of Communication’s Hall of Fame, and this year she was selected the Department’s Distinguished Alumna of 2014.

Andre Stone 150x150Competitor #1: Andre Stone “An argument against factory farming.” (Tied for second place)



Manjit Golden 150x150Competitor #2: Manjit Golden “An argument against police misconduct.” (First Place)



Dan Radion 150x150Competitor #3: Dan Radion “An argument for net neutrality.” (Tied for second place)


Pioneer News Group Awards

Brie Ripley 150x150Radio Journalism: Brie Ripley
Brie Ripley is a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Anthropology. Her passion for public radio started long before her internship with local NPR affiliate, KUOW. Ripley spends most of her time working on a podcast called Death in the Northwest and is grateful for the incredible opportunities the Communication Department has offered her. She looks forward to a career in public media.

Janelle Retka 150x150Community Journalism: Janelle Retka
Janelle Retka is in the final stretch of her degree in Journalism and is currently interning at Edmonds Beacon. Previously, she has been recognized as a Kaplan Award winner for Strong Writing. After graduation, she will spend the remainder of the year in Southeast Asia interning at the Cambodia Daily and freelancing. She plans to continue this trajectory with a career in international journalism.

Jeanny Rhee 150x150Feature Reporting: Jeanny Rhee

Jeanny Rhee is majoring in journalism with a minor in nutrition sciences. She is a 2015 Stanford Chen Internship Grant recipient and currently an editorial intern at the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. Her written work has been published on the Met’s Nosh Pit blog, the Seattle Weekly, STACKEDD, the Seattle Globalist and more.

Diversity Journalism: Katy Lester
Katy Lester graduated in 2014 with degrees in Photomedia and Journalism. She is the co-founder and creative director of Tough Love – a group focused on creating strong, original photographic, print, video, and graphic design content. The group has published several independent, artistically drives zines (short press magazines), fostering relationship within the artistic community via social media in Seattle and beyond.

Thuc Nhi Nguyen 150x150Sports Journalism: Thuc Nhi Nguyen
Thuc Nhi majored in journalism and mathematics and is hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism. She worked at The Daily for four years in various positions including sports reporter and sports editor. In 2014, she was one of 11 students in the nation to participate in the Sports Journalism Institute (SJI). Through SJI, she interned with the Los Angeles Newspaper Group’s sports department.

Kseniya Sovenko 150x150Data Journalism: Kseniya Sovenko
A journalism and sociology double major; Kseniya will be graduating this June at the top of her class. Originally from Ukraine, she has lived in America for 13 years and strives to give voice to the Ukrainian American community. In addition to going to school and working at a startup, she is a championship level ballroom dancer and represented the USA at the world championship last November.

Kierra Elfalan 150x150Writing with Voice: Kierra Elfalan
Kierra Elfalan was born and raised in Covington, Washington. She is getting her degree in Journalism and after she graduates she plans to be a TV news reporter and eventually an entertainment reporter. Last year Kierra was an intern for radio stations Kube 93 FM and 106.1 KISS FM. She also recently interned with KING 5 News during fall quarter and KING 5’s Evening Magazine during winter quarter. She is currently a reporter for the Daily’s Double Shot.

Walker Orenstein 150x150Legislative Reporting: Walker Orenstein
Walker Orenstein is a Journalism major and a Comparative History of Ideas minor. He’s worked at The Seattle Times for over a year, including covering the Washington legislature for The Times as part of the Olympia reporting internship. After college, he hopes to be a reporter at a newspaper.


Warren Langford 150x150Narrative Journalism: Warren Langford
Warren Langford is a communication major graduating in June. He has had his work published in The Kaplan Quarterly, Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. Warren is currently the editorial intern at Seattle Weekly and a freelance writer. He hopes to find a career in radio or podcasting.


Ashley Stewart 150x150General Excellence: Ashley Stewart
Ashley Stewart is a graduating senior and statehouse reporter for KUOW and TVW, Washington’s public affairs network. During her time at UW, she served as president of the campus Society of Professional Journalists and interned at KING 5, Puget Sound Business Journal, The Seattle Times and The Daily Herald.


Deborah Kaplan Awards 
The Deborah Kaplan Awards were created to honor the work and legacy of Communication professor Deborah Kaplan, who died unexpectedly in 2006. Deborah was an innovative journalist and educator who had a long history of writing about social issues. In both of her careers, as a journalist and as a university professor, she used in-depth interviews, immersion reporting, and field work to document and detail the human condition. The Deborah Kaplan Awards are given annually to support outstanding undergraduate work in narrative journalism.

A story about people on the margins:
W Baxter Byrd 150x150W. Baxter Byrd, “Intersection”
After a long hiatus from school, Baxter Byrd returned to college full time in 2014 and will graduate with a degree in Communications this spring. He is the author of the aviation biography All Ratings Authorized, and his previous writing has been featured in the Idaho Press-Tribune. Future plans include travel with his family, freelance writing, and launching The Anfractuous Path podcast.

Clare McGrane 150x150Clare McGrane, “Outside Gender: An Intersex Memoir”
Clare is a journalism and creative writing major, who enjoys telling true stories in creative and engaging ways. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in public radio.


Karina Mazhukhina 150x150Karina Mazhukhina, “Unraveling the Mysterious Mind of Richard Ruston”
Karina is majoring in Journalism and English. She has held a number of internships, including the Seattle P-I, The Daily of UW, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the UW College of Arts & Sciences, and currently works for the UW Sustainability Office. She also manages Transparent Post, a blog revolving around human interest stories that reveal bigger issues prevalent in society.

A story with strong writing style:
Joanna Kresge 150x150Joanna Kresge, “Friendship 2,289.6 Miles Later”
Joanna is a senior journalism major. Before coming to UW, Joanna served as a photojournalist in the Air Force for more than five years. Upon honorable discharge and moving to the Seattle area, Joanna spent some time at home with her two special needs children before returning to school to obtain an Assiciate degree in Photography, she expects to graduate in Winter Quarter with her Bachelor degree.

Warren Langford, “Many Happy Returns: Nine years working at one of the last indie video stores in America”
See bio above.

Holly Thorpe 150x150Holly Thorpe, “Sunflowers in January”
Holly Thorpe is a journalism major and double-minor in English and CHID. She is President of the Society of Professional Journalists, UW Chapter, and active in a number of other on-campus groups. Originally from Wenatchee, Wash., she seasonally interns and freelances with the Wenatchee World. She will graduate Spring 2016 to pursue a career in print and online journalism in the Pacific Northwest.

A human personality profile:
Jeanny Rhee, “A Culinary Shift, Locked Up”
See bio above.

Erika Largent 150x150Erica Largent, “Make them Feel Known: Helping Seattle’s Homeless Youth”
A recent graduate, Erica has interned at UPC, Make-A-Wish Foundation, ZynnyMe, and the Whitman County Gazette. She plans to use her degree to do communications and media work in the nonprofit field.


Jacky Graham 150x150Jacqueline Graham, “Back to Church”
Jacky Graham is a senior at the University of Washington majoring in journalism. She is excited to graduate spring quarter 2015 to start her career in social media or digital media field. She is an on-camera host for What’s Good 206, the social media/media production intern at the EMP and a videographer for The Daily’s Double Shot.


A story that demonstrates a powerful epiphany:
Mary Herman 150x150Mary Herman, “Death and Dependancy”
If you read her journal, you’d know that she finds closure and meaning in the world through the written word. Mary expresses what can’t be said through dance, and sings pretty things. Her politics are radical, and when she’s not slaying corporate dragons at a protest, you can find her checking her privilege, or cleaning her house.


Anh Huynh 150x150Anh Huynh, “A house is not a home”
Anh Huynh is a UW senior studying psychology and journalism. She plans to attend graduate school in psychology and hopes to conduct psychological research in the long term. She’s also working at the Foster School of Business. Anh has been actively involved in tutoring and mentoring, having served in various positions such as FIG leader, undergraduate TA, Chemistry and Social Studies tutor, etc.

Quy Nguyen, “Mother’s Vietnam”

An important public issue:

Nathanielle Thangamany 150x150Natanielle Thangamany, “Family Rules”
Natanielle is an international student from Singapore, and zhe is majoring in English and Communication. Natanielle hopes to one day work in the publishing industry. Natanielle’s main career goal is being a published author, and working with minority communities, especially women of color, to help them publish their own work.


Agazit Afeworki 150x150Agazit Afeworki, “History”
Agazit is a senior studying journalism interested in style writing and hopes to venture to major magazine publications.


Explanatory Journalism:
Alexander Tran-150x150Alexander Tran, “New Tokyo Teriyaki Exudes Old School Determination and Hispitality”
Alexander Tran is a senior in the Journalism program. He is currently a Production Intern at KCTS 9, and has also interned at KING 5 as both a Digital Media Intern and an Assignment Intern. In addition to graduating from the University of Washington this June, Alexander will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He will first serve as a Missile Operations Officer at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA.

Jody Deering Nyquist Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Adrian Alarilla 150x150Adrian Alarilla
Adrian Alarilla is a senior majoring in Communication. Adrian is both a thoughtful and generous member of his community. His creative work and his organizational work are both committed to social justice. By seeking alternatives to hierarchical relationships and engaging with both the intellect and the heart he seeks to affirm the experience of people whose history and culture have been threatened by waves of colonization.

Shanna Larson 150x150Shanna Larson
Shanna is a senior majoring in Communication and International Studies. She transferred to the UW from Edmonds Community College in 2012 and has established an exceptional track record of ethical practice, leadership, and civic engagement both before and during her time at UW in the realms of human rights, services for homeless women, and anti-human trafficking work. In addition to excelling academically, Shanna has volunteered in leadership roles with several organizations that are deeply engaged with critical societal issues during her UW career.

Rahwa Berhe
Rahwa Berhe is majoring in American Ethnic Studies with minors in Diversity, Education, Learning & Society, and International Studies with an Africa concentration. She is passionate about service, and in her time at the UW Rahwa has been a Mary Gates Scholar, Carlson Civic Fellow and a Sterling Munro Public Service Fellow. She aspires to obtain a PhD in Informatics and explore information politics, and digital divides.

Ashley Walls 150x150Ashley Walls
Ashley Walls is a junior majoring in Journalism, with a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. She was just admitted to the honors program in our department. Ashley’s ultimate career goal is to be a community relations director for a professional sports team.


Fred Baker Ethics Awards 
The Fred Baker Award for Professional Education in Advertising and Public Relations was established to enhance professional education in advertising and public relations at the University of Washington. Frederick E. Baker was a successful advertising and public relations practitioner in Seattle and beyond, influencing political and civic affairs in the state and in the nation’s capital. He was extremely helpful to others in his craft and allied disciplines.

Adrian Alarilla
See bio above.

Karla Ciccia 150x150Karla Ciccia
Karla is a Communication major with a minor in International Studies. She will pursue a career in diplomacy and she will participate in a legislative internship in Washington, D.C. this Autumn.


Olivia LaFond 150x150Olivia LaFond
Olivia is a Communication major, with minors in Global Health and Comparative History of Ideas. On campus, she has been very involved in GlobeMed, a student-led non-profit that aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity. After graduation, Olivia plans to study French in Nantes, France and pursue a career in Global Health.


Shanna Larson
See bio above.

Ashley Stewart
See bio above.

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research

Honors Thesis:
Alan Lim, “Yellow Peril: A legacy or a forgotten past? A content analysis of Chinese representations in today’s U.S. News Media”
Alan Lim graduated last Spring with a BA in Communication. In his time at the UW he was involved with the Malaysian Student Association, and was regularly awarded the Dean’s List recognition during his academic career.

Devon Geary 150x150Devon Geary, “Taking the Plunge into Culture Shock: Study Abroad Elements Impelling Cultural Adjustment”
Devon graduated from UW with a BA in Journalism, and she is an upcoming MA/PhD student in Communication. She spent the past year in Mississippi at the Emmett Till Interpretive Center, facilitating community reconciliation. Currently, she’s working with a local Initiative called Bending the Arc, developing leaders who work together for a more just world. She hopes to become a Professor of Communication

M.A. Thesis:
ruth moon 150x150Ruth Moon, “A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of News Coverage in Kenya’s Daily Nation and Great Britain’s Times”
Ruth Moon is a PhD student in the communication department, studying journalism, its practice, and its effects in developing countries with a particular focus on East Africa. She is also a former full-time and current freelance journalist, and has reported news from Niger, Germany, and the U.S.

jessica peragine 150x150Jessica Peragine, “Channel Choice as a Relational Message”


M.C. Project:
Rosemary Ponnekanti 150x150Rosemary Ponnekanti, “Gulches: Taming Tacoma’s last wild places”
Rosemary graduated from the MCDM program in 2014, earning acceptance into the Golden Key International Honor Society. She currently works as a multimedia journalist with The News Tribune in Tacoma, and is a professional classical musician. She’s looking to extend her career into multimedia content creation and strategy, using the skills she’s gained with her UW masters’ degree.

Ph.D. Dissertation:
Meara Faw 150x150Meara Faw, “Supporting the Supporter: Social Support, Stress, and Well-being among Caregivers of Children with Severe Disabilities”
Meara Faw graduated with her PhD from University of Washington in 2014 and is currently an assistant professor in School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University. Her research resides at the intersection of interpersonal communication and health. Her scholarship seeks to address to larger question of how our day-to-day interactions can make us healthier, happier people.


Journalism Foreign Intrigue Endowed Scholarship 
This endowment was established by a UW Journalism alum, and provides financial support for journalism students to work as intern reporters at a foreign news organization and to travel after the internship. The donor’s goal is to give journalism students an exposure to another culture outside of North America and a more thorough understanding of journalism and culture.

Janelle Retka 150x150Janelle Retka
Janelle Retka is in the final stretch of her degree in Journalism and is currently interning at Edmonds Beacon. Previously, she has been recognized as a Pioneer News Group award winner for her contribution to community journalism and as a Kaplan Award winner for Strong Writing. Through Foreign Intrigue, she will be spending the remainder of the year in Southeast Asia interning at the Cambodia Daily and freelancing. She plans to continue this trajectory with a career in international journalism.

Shishuang Shirley Qiu 150x150Shirley Qiu
Sishuang (Shirley) Qiu is a senior majoring in Journalism and International Studies. She got her first taste of journalism at her high school newspaper, and somewhere in the chaos, something clicked. She has since written for The UW Daily, The Seattle Times, and Seattle Met magazine, and has found her calling in features writing. She is extremely excited and grateful for her reporting opportunity in Indonesia this summer.

Holly Thorpe 150x150Holly Thorpe
Holly Thorpe is a second-year Journalism major and double minor in English and Comparative History of Ideas. Originally from Wenatchee, Wash., she writes periodically for the Wenatchee World and does freelance for other publications. She will be graduating next year from the UW in hopes of pursuing a career in print or online journalism.


Excellence in Journalism 
This endowment was established by a UW Journalism alum, and provides financial support for journalism students who have expressed their interest in a career in journalism, and to encourage the highest standards of journalism: to encourage excellence in thought and expression, to encourage the exercise of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and the press, and to advance the people’s right to know in a responsible manner.

Kate Clark 150x150Kate Clark
This is Kate Clark, she is a junior studying journalism and international studies with an emphasis on international communication. She is very involved with the Daily and is currently the news editor. She hopes to pursue a career as a journalist after graduation.


Izumi Hansen 150x150Izumi Hansen
Izumi Hansen is an interdisciplinary honors student pursuing a double degree in astronomy and communication: journalism. She’s currently the assistant news editor at the International Examiner and last summer interned in the communication office at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. After graduating from the University of Washington in a year, she plans to pursue a career in science communication.

Joanna Kresge 150x150Joanna Kresge
Joanna Kresge is a veteran, a wife, a mother to two special needs children and a journalism student here at the University of Washington. Joanna came to us after five years in the Air Force as a photographer where she self-taught herself journalism. While maintaining her grades and gaining valuable real-world experience through internships Joanna has raised a family, worked through her 3 year-old daughter’s Autism diagnosis, and is active in supporting in U.S. veterans in our community.

Delta Kappa Epsilon Scholarship

Koryn Andrus 150x150Koryn Andrus
Koryn Andrus is about to enter her senior year after graduating high school only three years ago. She is on the women’s track and field team here at the University of Washington. Koryn’s freshmen year of track she was ranked #10 on UW Women’s Javelin all-time top ten list. In school, she has held over a 3.5 GPA being honored on the Dean’s List in 2014 and 2105. Above everything she has conquered Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease that she has had since she was thirteen.

Don Pember Journalism Endowed Scholarship 
The Don Pember Journalism Endowed Fund was established by Communication alumnae Maggie Walker and Micki Flowers in honor of Professor Don Pember. Many other donors, both alumni of the Department and former students and colleagues of Pember, also contributed to the establishment of the scholarship. Don Pember joined the University of Washington faculty in 1969 and served as a mentor to many undergraduate and graduate students. He received the UW’s prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award in 1973 and was recognized two years later for excellence in teaching by the Carnegie Foundation. He retired in 2002. He is the author of two immensely influential textbooks, Mass Media and America (went through 6 editions) and Mass Media Law (now in its 18th edition).

Kelsey Hamlin 150x150Kelsey Hamlin
Kelsey Hamlin is a journalism major at the University of Washington. She is also minoring in law, societies & justice. Although her first quarter at the UW was a struggle, she has improved significantly and hopes to grow her improvement exponentially. Kelsey is also a reporter who covers the political beat for The Daily.


Cassie L. Bryant Scholarship 
The Cassie L. Bryant Scholarship is funded by donations from many people in honor of Ms. Bryant. She was elected as the first treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi, which is now known as the Association of Women in Communications. This organization was founded on this campus in 1909. Early in Cassie Bryant’s professional life, she saw the importance of strong local and national organizations committed to the development of women journalists.

Nicole Einbinder 150x150Nicole Einbinder
Nicole is a junior from Southern California pursuing degrees in Journalism and International Studies with interdisciplinary honors. She currently serves as the Social Media Editor for the Daily and is a Digital Media intern at KING 5. Last quarter, she traveled to El Salvador with a class to research and document human rights abuses from the state’s civil war. She is an aspiring journalist who dreams of listening to people’s stories to bring a voice to the voiceless and educate on global issues.

Northwest Asian Weekly Scholarship
The Northwest Asian Weekly Scholarship was established by Assunta Ng, the President and Publisher ofNorthwest Asian Weekly and the Chinese Post. Born in China, Assunta moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was five years old.  At 18, she decided she wanted to go to college in the United States.  Although her parents were opposed to her plans, they agreed to support her financially for one year — after which she would be on her own. She spent her first year in America at Portland’s Maryhurst College, and then transferred to the University of Washington. She earned her teaching certificate in 1976 and taught for some years. She came back to the UW for a master’s degree in Speech Communication, which she received in 1979. Her 1982 and 1983 founding of the Seattle Chinese Post and Northwest Asian Weekly, respectively, was intended to connect an Asian community that was greatly ignored by other newspapers in Seattle. Assunta has been honored many times for her work in the Asian community and beyond, including her 2004 inclusion in the UW Department of Communication Hall of Fame, and in 2011 she received the Charles E. Odegaard Award, which honors individuals whose leadership in the community exemplifies the former UW president’s work on behalf of diversity. It is the only University and community-selected award.

Daria Kroupoderova 150x150Daria Kroupoderova
Daria is a junior in the journalism program who is interested in print and radio journalism. She has written for NW Asian Weekly, Queen Anne & Magnolia Times and the Seattle Globalist. Once she graduates, she hopes to work for a publication reporting about minority communities and immigration.


Northwest Automotive Press Association Scholarship 
The Northwest Automotive Press Association Scholarship was established in 2003 to support UW journalism students. The Northwest Automotive Press Association is a nonprofit group of 40 northwest print, radio, television and Internet journalists. The group sponsors an annual event called Mudfest, where all new SUVs and CUVs are tested and rated. Both domestic and import auto manufacturers support this event and the proceeds from their sponsorship support this scholarship fund.

Darren Langston 150x150Darren Langston
Darren is student of racial conflict both in personal experiences and in the field of Communication. He plans to conduct research in racial representation and structural inequality as he completes his double degree in Germanics and Communications, in which he was also recently admitted as an honors student. Throughout his collegiate journey, he has also journeyed to UW from Tacoma, where he also works two retail jobs, loving every moment of Beyoncé singing in his car-enthusiast Mazda, Blue Ivy.

Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication 
The Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication was established by Harold E. and Joyce C. Carr to support upper level undergraduate students in the Department of Communication who study in the fields of journalism, public relations, global communication, and political communication. Harold Carr is retired from The Boeing Company after 20 years as a director and then a vice president of public relations and advertising. He was also in charge of Boeing’s historical archive and the company-wide weekly newspaper,Boeing News. He is the recipient of many awards, including the 2004 Jay Rockey Lifetime Achievement Award from the Puget Sound Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Harold has served as a board member for several civic organizations, including Goodwill Industries, the Downtown Seattle Association, and the Henry Art Gallery. He served two years as president and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of Flight.

Isa Call
Isa Call is a Junior here at The University of Washington; majoring in Communications with a minor in Diversity she is excited to pursue a career in public relations. Isa is extremely thankful to receive the Harold E Carr scholarship and excited to finish off her final year with the financial support of those who believe in her potential.

The Seattle Times/Blethen Family Memorial Scholarship
The Seattle Times/Blethen Family Memorial Scholarship was established in 1990 with an initial commitment from the Blethen family that owns the Seattle Times, of $200,000, split equally between UW and WSU. Scholarships are for minority students in journalism. The goal of this particular scholarship is to improve the educational opportunities of minority students, to introduce new ideas and customs into university study programs, and to spread ideas, understanding and information to the general public by increasing the number of minority men and women in journalism.

Danish Mehboob 150x150Danish Mehboob
Danish is a junior studying economics and journalism with two minors in political science and mathematics. He hopes to go on to law school or a Ph.D. program in econometrics after finishing my undergraduate studies. My short term professional goal is to pursue investigative journalism.


Candace Shevonne Kwan 150x150Candace Kwan
Candace is a junior majoring in journalism and American Ethnic Studies with Honors. She hopes to combine these two academic disciplines to aid in her pursuit of accurate representation for people of color, especially Asian Americans. Her work experience includes writing for the South China Morning Post’s Young Post as a columnist.


Starla Sampaco 150x150Starla Sampaco
Starla Sampaco is a sophomore majoring in Journalism. Currently, Starla writes for The Daily as the ASUW beat reporter and produces video content as a reporter for Daily Video. Starla was Miss Washington Teen USA 2014 and credits the experience for improving her interviewing and public speaking skills. Working as a TV news reporter has been Starla’s dream job since she was eight years old, and she looks forward to studying broadcast journalism at the New York Film Academy this summer.

John H. & Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship 
John Reid was born in 1873 in Norway. He immigrated to the US at the age of four and settled in Glyndon, MN. He was orphaned at the age of 11 and taken in by Capt. Luther Osborn, who already had eight children of his own. Capt. Osborn owned the Red River Valley News and John spent a lot of time at the newspaper office. After one year of High School in Fargo, ND, John decided what he really wanted to be was a newspaper man. Capt. Osborn gladly taught him every phase of the business. In his early 20’s, John moved down the tracks to Hawley, MN where he started his own newspaper. He met the love of his life, Harriet, and they married in 1902.

In 1906 the Reid’s moved to Seattle. John worked for the Seattle Times then bought the Vashon Island News and the family moved to Vashon Island. In 1913 he bought a print shop in the University District and in 1917 published the first issue of the University District Herald. He was very active in the community, serving on the school board, the draft board and with several civic groups.  In 1941, John and Harriet Reid received honorary degrees from the University of Washington in recognition of their nine children, all of whom earned degrees from the University of Washington.

Wally Reid, their youngest son, graduated from the University of Washington in journalism in 1940. He was editor of the Tyee yearbook, and active in Sigma Chi Fraternity. He served in the US Navy during WWII and survived the sinking of two ships. After the war he resumed his career at the University District Herald, which later became University Printing Co. Wally Reid started the University District Kids’ Parade in 1950 and served as its chair for the next 30 years. He was president of the University District Rotary Club, the University District Chamber of Commerce, and the Seattle Sales and Marketing Executives.

After his father’s death in 1960, Wally decided to honor his parents. Although neither had graduated from high school, his parents always stressed the value of education. Thus the John and Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship was established in 1961.

Rayna Stackhouse 150x150Rayna Stackhouse
Rayna Stackhouse is completing her junior year with a degree in Journalism and Business Administration and is an avid supporter of delicious food, outdoor activities, singing, and swing dancing. If you can’t find her on campus speed walking to class, you will find her in her bright red ’89 Volkswagen convertible pretending she is vintage Barbie.


Marty Wilson Endowed Scholarship 
The Marty Wilson Scholarship was established in 1996 with memorial gifts received from her family, friends and admirers. Marty Wilson’s professional career began in 1957 with the development of a television program about education from the point of view of a parent. She produced numerous programs for KOMO-TV and served as a visiting lecturer in the School of Communications. In 1984 she was named National Presswoman of the Year. Ms. Wilson exemplified everything we encourage our journalism students to strive toward. The many achievements and awards throughout her creative and courageous career offer an example of what can be accomplished to a new generation of journalists.

Brie Ripley 150x150Brie Ripley
Brie Ripley is a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Anthropology. Her passion for public radio started long before her internship with local NPR affiliate, KUOW. Ripley spends most of her time working on a podcast called Death in the Northwest and is grateful for the incredible opportunities the Communication Department has offered her. She looks forward to a career in public media.

Robert F. Philip Scholarship
The Robert F. Philip Scholarship was created by Robert F. Philip to provide financial assistance to students of merit, with preference to those studying in the field of Communication. Robert Philip has been an active participant in, and observer of, University affairs for over 6 decades — as University of Washington student in the 30s, as president of the Tri-City Herald newspaper, as a member of the Medical School’s visiting committee, as district governor of the Alumni Association and, for 18 years, as a member of the Board of Regents. Mr. Philip established this scholarship to further ensure academic and professional excellence at the University, in particular in the field of Communication.

Sarah Bornstedt 150x150Sarah Bornstedt
Sarah transferred to the UW last winter. She has been working towards her communication degree and plans on graduating at the end of fall quarter. Sarah is excited for the academic year ahead of her and is eagerly anticipating graduation.


Heather Bright 150x150Heather Bright
After 15 years of professional experience, Heather Bright decided to follow her dreams and go back to school. Her dedication to bettering herself includes maintaining a challenging career while also focusing on school in the evenings and excelling in both arenas.


Bryce Dickerson 150x150Bryce Dickerson
Bryce was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, but he calls the Seattle area home. He graduated from high school and community college with honors and he takes his studies very seriously. He is currently attending UW and pursuing a degree in communications and has aspirations of attending graduate school later on.


Sophie Hayes 150x150Sophie Hayes
Sophie Hayes is a sophomore majoring in Journalism. She was born and raised in Seattle. Outside of school, she spends the majority of her time working at restaurants and writing for The Daily. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing in coffee shops, exploring used book stores, fashion, blogging, and enjoying the outdoors.


Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose is a junior majoring in Communications. She would like to attend graduate school and then pursue a PR career in the entertainment industry. As the first person in her family to attend college she works diligently to study hard in school and provide for herself, working as many as three jobs to fund her education. She is committed to food justice issues and giving back to the community and is an active volunteer and a member of the Student Food Co-op on campus.

Holly Thorpe
See bio above.

Bob Doble Memorial Scholarship
The Bob Doble Memorial Fund was established in the 1930s by Jim and Peg Marshall to honor her son, Bob, and has been funded over the years by contributions in various amounts by a large number of supporters.

Clare McGrane 150x150Clare McGrane
Clare is a Journalism and Creative Writing double major, with a passion for telling true stories in creative and engaging ways. She seeks out stories that go untold, and voices that go unheard. She is a recipient of the 2015 Kaplan Award for narrative journalism, and is interested in pursuing a career in publishing or public radio.


Max and Monica Holsinger Scholarship 
The Max & Monica Holsinger Scholarship was established in 2006. Max Holsinger, a 1938 graduate, was a lifelong supporter of the UW. After graduation, he sold advertising for Mining World in Eastern and Western Europe and Africa. He also had a long and successful career in the publishing industry. The Holsingers established a scholarship to support UW journalism students.

Grace Swanson
Grace Swanson is a junior in the journalism program at the University of Washington. She was previously the Editor-in-Chief for the Triton Review in 2013-2014. She also interned at the South Whidbey Record, where she won an award in the Better Newspaper Contest. She has a strong passion for writing and communication. Grace is not able to join us this evening since she is currently studying abroad in Germany; however, her parents are here to accept the award on her behalf.

Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship
The Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1985 by his parents in an effort to recognize their son’s interest in the field of international communication. Kevin graduated from the University in 1981. He, along with five traveling companions, was kidnapped by rebel dissidents in Zimbabwe in 1982, while on a tour of Africa to learn more about the country and its people. His death was confirmed in 1985. Contributions to this fund have been made by the Westin Hotels and family members and friends. The scholarship is awarded to students who have an interest in international communication.

Yen-Ju (Ann) Yang
Yen-Ju (Ann) Yang is a third year communication student at the University of Washington with a strong interest in public relations and cultural communication. She has pursued her education in Asia, America, and Europe. She is a member of AIESEC International Student Organization Communication Team member and hopes to soon obtain an internship at a local PR Firm. Ann is unable to join us tonight as she is currently studying abroad in France.

Yanan Zhang 150x150Yanan Zhang
Yanan Zhang is an international student from China. She is particularly interested in international communications and has interned for a Chinese TV station as a journalist. Her dream is to be a journalist on an international level.


Jane and Reid Roller Scholarship in Communication
Reid Roller was a professor in Communication at UW in the 1980s. He came here after a long and successful career at J. Walter Thompson — at that time, the world’s largest advertising agency. The scholarship was established in his memory by his wife, Jane.

Jake Anderson
Jake is a junior majoring in communication with desires of becoming a successful visual communication designer. He currently works for a tech startup called Affinity Influencing Systems as a junior vis-com designer. He also volunteers with Extraordinary Futures, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing underprivileged youth with the resources to lead a successful future.

Dan Warner/ Bob Wiley Memorial Scholarship
The Puget Sound Advertising Federation made initial contributions to this fund in 1978 to honor Robert Wiley, a 1953 graduate of the former School of Communications, who received national recognition for his expertise in radio advertising. Dan Warner was likewise honored by the Puget Sound Advertising Foundation for his significant contributions to the field.

Eric Lundquist 150x150Eric Lundquist
Eric is an undergraduate Communication major, studying rhetoric and public relations. He plans to graduate in June, 2016. He’s also been a stand-up comedian for the last three years and plans to continue on to have a career in comedy.


Lianna Matteson 150x150Lianna Matteson
Managing academics, a job, extracurricular activities, and a social life, Lianna has managed to still be able to graduate a year early due to hard work and dedication. She made the Dean’s list her first year at UW and is now striving for success to complete her degree in Communication as well as completing the Sales Certificate from the Foster School of Business. She is excited for the opportunities to come in the near future!

Ruddick C. & Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship
The Ruddick C. and Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1996 to enhance and strengthen the Department of Communication. Ruddick Lawrence began his professional life as the Director of Publicity for the Detroit Institute of the Arts and then went on to serve as manager at American Boy Magazine andFortune Magazine. He was Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange from 1953 to 1968 and founded his own consulting firm, Lawrence Associates, in 1977. Throughout his career, he was committed to community service and education. In addition to this generous support for undergraduate students, Lawrence established the Ruddick C. Lawrence Endowed Professorship in Communications, currently filled by Professor Lance Bennett, who founded and heads the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement.

Virginia (Hana) Peoples
Virginia “Hana” Peoples is not able to receive her award in person as she is studying abroad in New Zealand, spending a semester studying Communication at the University of Auckland. She is deeply involved in her Seattle community as a volunteer for the Danny Woo Garden and the Seattle International Film Festival. A big highlight for Hana during her UW career was participating in the Communication Department’s Fall 2014 Civil Rights Pilgrimage as well as being a participant of the Pipeline Project’s Alternative Spring Break. Hana is unable to join us tonight as she is currently studying abroad in New Zealand.

Jasmine Yip 150x150Jasmine Yip
Jasmine Yip is currently a Junior pursuing a double degree in Psychology (BS) and Communications (BA). She is highly involved in UW Relay For Life as their marketing director and hopes to bring the community together in raising awareness and money for the cancer research and patient programs funded by the American Cancer Society.


Robert L. Patterson Scholarship
Robert Patterson was professor emeritus at Castleton State College in Vermont. After the death of his wife, Marilyn Mathis Patterson, UW Class of 1948, he arranged for an endowment for her alma mater. Marilyn was an avid journalism alumna. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Pi, and recipient of the UW Faculty Medal while she was a student here. She passed away in 1991.

Beverly Gerlt 150x150Beverly Gerlt
Beverly Gerlt is a junior in Communication major at the UW Department of Communication. She had worked a decade as a corporate trainer, and is interested in breaking the social barriers that restrict abilities to connect with people, ideas, and concepts outside of our scope and understanding. Beverly plans to use her Communication degree to embark on a career where she can provide training on cultural awareness.

Jonathan George 150x150Jonathan George
Jonathan George is a junior in the Communication major here at the University of Washington. He was the Associate Editor in Chief at RealDawg.com and has been the director of a program in Jubilee REACH providing STEM and sports opportunities for youth in King County. Jonathan has also been the recipient of the Washington State Education Association Award for his work with Jubilee REACH. His path to his degree has been more of a marathon than a race, and through persistence and dedication he is here today.

John Impola Endowment for Journalism Education
This award was established by Marion Impola in memory of her husband John Impola. John Impola was born in Cathlamet, WA. He was the first member of his family to earn a college degree, graduating from the UW with a BA in Journalism in 1928. His entire career was devoted to the practice of journalism in the Northwest. He was employed for 25 years by the Daily Journal of Commerce, serving for many years until his retirement as its managing editor.

Ashley McCuen 150x150Ashley McCuen
Ashley McCuen is a first generation college student, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in English. She hopes to work in magazine publishing and online lifestyle and travel writing. Along with working towards her degree, she works as an event planner and travels whenever she can.


Flip Wilson Scholarship
The Flip Wilson Scholarship is an annual gift from the estate of the late comedian. The gift supports one undergraduate for a full year of college, including tuition, books, room and board and transportation. His Emmy award winning show broke through racial and economic barriers in the 1970s. Flip Wilson was a pioneer in the entertainment industry, paving the way for many successful comedians and he was a strong supporter of education.

Ashley Walls 150x150Ashley Walls
Both of Ashley’s parents are military veterans, and she’s incredibly thankful for all that they have sacrificed, their support and their love. She has been able to study abroad, travel across the country to network with communications professionals, and intern and work for a number of communications outlets both on campus and in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. Ultimately, I’m pursuing a career as a community relations director for a professional sports team, ideally here in Seattle.
This past winter, she had the opportunity to travel with Professor Domke and students from three different college campuses to the South, as part of a week-long Civil Rights pilgrimage. It was a truly life changing experience, and she will be returning on the trip in the fall as a student mentor, and is working towards an upcoming internship with the University of Mississippi for a racial reconciliation organization on campus.

Ngozi Monu 150x150Ngozi Monu
Ngozi is currently a junior majoring in communications with a focus in public relations at the University of Washington. She has a strong passion and love for sports and wants to work in sports PR after graduating next year. Learning about Flip Wilson was a tremendous honor and privilege for Ngozi especially since her parents grew up in the era where his presence was extremely prominent and influential. Reflecting on her research has led to a deep and profound respect for Flip Wilson. Ngozi says he was more than a comedian, he was a trend-setter and was crucial in laying the foundation for young African American comedians.

Ngozi would like to thank Professor Kathleen Fearn-Banks for encouraging her to apply for this scholarship and allowing students like her the opportunity to not have financial debt when graduating from college.