Phil Howard’s new book ‘Pax Technica’ discusses next-generation Internet

Howard jacket mech.inddIn a new book published this spring by Yale University Press and titled “Pax Technica: How the Internet of Things May Set Us Free or Lock Us Up,” Professor Phil Howard discusses a next-generation Internet where all electronic devices are networked – for good or bad.

“The concept is that all the excitement about how technology ‘disrupts’ politics is misplaced,” Howard said in an interview with Peter Kelley of UW News and Information. “The disruption argument goes like this: New technologies upset old institutions, force people to do things in new ways and perpetually make us develop new rules for political life.”

But Howard says he argues the opposite, “that technology provides a surprising amount of structure for our lives. And the next Internet, the Internet of Things, is going to be the most powerful tool of political communication we’ve ever created.”

Read the full Q&A with Howard here, and view a timeline that chronicles the last 54 years of Internet history here.

Howard also published an article on the Huffington Post titled, “How Big Is the Internet of Things? How Big Will It Get?” And he joined The Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast panel to discuss the political potential of the Internet of Things.