Two Illinois State profs to give colloquium on paralinguistic digital affordances across social media

Carr_Profile4Dr. Rebecca Hayes and Dr. Caleb Carr, both Assistant Professors in the School of Communication at Illinois State University, will be giving a colloquium on the paralinguistic digital affordance and their uses across social media. Join us; all are welcome.

WHEN: Thursday, March 17 at 1:30 p.m.
CMU 126

SYNOPSIS: You’ll like this presentation, but will you Like it?: Paralinguistic digital affordances and their uses across social media

These days, everyone wants to talk about “social media;” but there is not always a clear idea what they are, and more importantly why they are unique.  Conceptualizing these communicative channels, and explicating their communicative overlap with and uniqueness from other forms of communication, mediated and not, is important to both research and practice across communication disciplines.  After examining the conceptual distinctions of social media, we will explore an emerging line of original research looking at the role, affordances, and effects of paralinguistic digital affordances (PDAs): The one-click tools common to most social media.  From Likes to Favorites, +1s to Upvotes, why and how do users use these cues across various social media channels, what value and meaning do users ascribe to their use, and what differences can we see across platforms?  These PDAs are one of the many communicatively unique, and frequently used, properties of social media, and afford one lens through which we can explore and explain the novel communicative processes and effects of these increasingly ubiquitous communication channels.

Hayes_HeadshotBIOS: Rebecca A. Hayes (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Illinois State University.  Her research focuses on the uses, effects, and affordances of social media for users and brands, and in politics and crises.  This research has been published in the Journal of Public Relations Research, Communication Studies, and the Journal of Interactive Advertising, among others.  She teaches a variety of advertising and public relations courses, and enjoys getting her students excited about new technology and what it can do for these industries.

Caleb T. Carr (PhD, Michigan State University) is currently an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Illinois State University.  His research addresses how new media alter communicative processes, including how social media are used to create and maintain identity online, for organizational uncertainty reduction, and in group collaborations, and has appeared in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Human Communication Research, and Media Psychology.  He has taught undergraduate and courses in computer-mediated communication, organizational communication, mass media theory and history, and management at Illinois State University, the University of Oklahoma, and Michigan State University.  In his spare time, he reads, alpine skis, and is a devout Parrothead.