NCA Distinguished Scholar to visit UW Comm for book talk on George Washington, Newburgh Crisis

BrowneNCA Distinguished Scholar Stephen Browne will be visiting UW Comm to talk about his book “The Ides of War: George Washington and the Newburgh Crisis.” Join us; all are welcome.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 20 at 3:30 p.m.

Title: “Conspiracy along the Hudson: George Washington and the Newburgh Crisis”

Bio: Stephen Browne is a rhetorical critic with particular interests in public memory, social movements, and early America. He is the author most recently of “The Ides of War: George Washington and the Newburgh Crisis” (2016), as well as “Jefferson’s Call for Nationhood: The First Inaugural Address” (2003), “Angelina Grimke: Rhetoric, Identity, and the Radical Imagination” (1999); and “Edmund Burke and the Discourse of Virtue” (1993). Professor Browne teaches graduate seminars in rhetoric and memory and rhetorical criticism, and undergraduate courses in rhetorical theory, history, and criticism. He has been named a Distinguished Scholar by the National Communication Association, and is the recipient of its Diamond Anniversary Book Award and Karl Wallace Memorial Award. Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts has recognized Professor Browne’s work in the classroom with its Class of 1933 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Distinction in the Humanities for his scholarship.