In two end-of-the-academic-year award ceremonies, the UW Department of Communication honored students with certificates worth more than $100,000 in total. These students have proven to be exceptional in the areas of journalism, research, communication, and ethics. Each award given at the Scholarship Ceremony and the Excellence Awards has a story behind it – whether it was created to honor a prestigious professor of Communication, recognize a prized alum, or remember a fallen journalist who is leaving behind a legacy. Read about each award and recipient below:

Pioneer News Group Awards for Excellence in Journalism

Pioneer News Group is a family-owned, multimedia company committed to advancing and empowering the communities it serves by providing essential information and services as a trusted and indispensable public resource. In partnership with Pioneer News Group and as a result of their generous support of Journalism studies at the UW, the Department gives annual awards in the following categories: Opinion journalism, visual journalism, legislative journalism, community journalism, feature journalism, diversity journalism, digital journalism, environmental journalism, and global journalism.

Nicole Einbinder (150x200) 2016-3991Enterprise Journalism: Nicole Einbinder

Nicole Einbinder is a senior from southern California pursuing a double degree in journalism and international studies with interdisciplinary honors. She is currently the features editor at The Daily and has previously interned at KING 5, the Orange County Register, and The Seattle Times. Nicole is an aspiring human rights and investigative journalist. She will be moving to New York City this August to attend Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

lane photo (100x126)Community Journalism: Sharayah Lane

Sharayah Lane is a senior majoring in journalism. She loves to write and is fascinated by the power of words. Sharayah believes her unique background and lived experiences will help her to serve as a bridge for communication between groups with little interaction and understanding of one another. She envisions being a voice for the voiceless. Sharayah has also been chosen by the University of Washington as one of the Husky 100.

Sophie Hayes (150x200) 2016-4038News Reporting: Sophie Hayes

Sophie Hayes is a junior in the journalism program. She reports local news at The Daily and freelances at the South Seattle Emerald. Sophie’s proudest moment occurred when she broke a local news story in Seattle Weekly about minority businesses facing closure due to construction impact, one week before the Seattle Times. Sophie is also passionate about dancing and fashion.


Charles Johnson (150x200) 2016-3996Ethical Journalism: Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson was born and raised in Kent, WA, and has always been interested in video shooting and editing. His experience as an intern at KCTS9 taught him his other passion, which was telling true stories through a camera lens as a multi-platform journalist. Being thrown into different cultures, and meeting crowds of such diverse characters drew him into the field.


Varisha Khan (150x200) 2016-3993Global Journalism: Varisha Khan

Varisha Khan is a junior at the UW, double-majoring in Communications (Journalism) and Political Science. After being told by an editor that she could not cover stories about American Muslims, she made it her mission to encourage diversity in reporting, and has since shared stories of the successes and issues of the underrepresented, American Muslim population in the Seattle-area. She hopes to continue to elevate the voices of under-reported communities through print journalism.

Clare McGrane (150x200) 2016-3999Radio Journalism: Clare McGrane

Clare is a graduating senior, with a strong interest in environmental and health sciences reporting. She is the reporting intern at GeekWire, where she reports on the health science beat. She is also the co-founder and producer of “Character Development,” a podcast on tutoring and education theory produced through the Odegaard Research and Writing Center. Clare is thrilled to receive this award, and she looks forward to continuing her work in radio journalism after she graduates in August.

Holly Thorpe (150x200) 2016-4030Legislative Journalism: Holly Thorpe

Holly Thorpe is a graduating senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in both Comparative History of Ideas and English. She is also the President of the Society of Professional Journalists, UW Chapter. She seeks to become an active participant in the changing mediums and morals of journalism. Holly’s goal is to be active within communities on both local and global levels by initiating and perpetuating discussion on social issues. She also believes in the use of journalism as a means to tell untold stories. Holly believes that being able to give back to one’s community while doing the things she is most passionate about – writing and having meaningful discussion – is an ideal career.

Rayna Stackhouse (150x200) 2016-4000Photojournalism: Rayna Stackhouse

Rayna is a senior pursuing a double degree in both Journalism and Business Administration. She is interested in working within the nonprofit/NGO management sector due to these organizations’ missions towards sustainable international development through microfinance projects. Through her experiences within journalism she has realized the power of storytelling through the lens of journalism and not just through art. Rayna spends a large amount of her free time being an actor/dancer/singer and found that reporting is an amazing outlet for conversing and expressing ideas that benefit society along with herself. She will be travelling to Cambodia this summer through the Journalism Foreign Intrigue scholarship and is thrilled to be a part of this program.

Starla Sampaco (150x200) 2016-4026Diversity Journalism: Starla Sampaco

Starla Sampaco is the digital projects editor at The Daily of the University of Washington, where she also produces videos and reports for the UW’s video news program. Her freelance work has been published in the Seattle Globalist, Northwest Asian Weekly and the International Examiner. As Miss Washington Teen USA 2014, she promoted a platform titled “Diversity and Beauty Standards: Different is not defective” to initiate discussions on the lack of diverse female representation in the media. Starla has also been selected as one of the Husky 100.

Ashley Walls (150x200) 2016-3987General Excellence: Ashley Walls

Ashley is a senior graduating with a journalism degree, and has been active both in her on- and off-campus activities. She works for The Seattle Times and interned with KING 5 and Crosscut. She’ll be interning at Nordstrom corporate headquarters this summer for public relations, and is hoping to become a community relations director for a professional sports team. She is finishing an honors thesis on the NFL and domestic violence, and was recently named to the inaugural class of the Husky 100.

Deborah Kaplan Awards 
The Deborah Kaplan Awards were created to honor the work and legacy of Communication professor Deborah Kaplan, who died unexpectedly in 2006. Deborah was an innovative journalist and educator who had a long history of writing about social issues. In both of her careers, as a journalist and as a university professor, she used in-depth interviews, immersion reporting, and field work to document and detail the human condition. The Deborah Kaplan Awards are given annually to support outstanding undergraduate work in narrative journalism.

Cardinal Scruggs (150x200) 2016-4013A story about people on the margins:
Cardinal Scruggs, “A Family Story”

Cardinal is a graduating senior who enjoys listening to other people’s stories and learning something new every day. He considers himself to be thoughtful, creative, helpful, determined, and family-oriented. As a non-fiction writer, Cardinal is passionate about writing stories that are often overlooked in our society. He wants to educate, inspire, and make a difference in the lives of others. Through his writing and active engagements in the topics that need attention, Cardinal will advocate and be the voice for people on the margins.

Tim Gruver (150x200) 2016-4009A story with strong writing style:
Tim Gruver, “Stories We Keep on Display”

Based in Lynnwood, Washington, Tim Gruver is a journalism major who has written about news, film, science, and video games. His work has appeared everywhere from GamesRadar, We Got This Covered, CG Magazine, and The Daily of the University of Washington. He holds an Associate’s Degree from Edmonds Community College and will receive his Bachelor’s in Communication this winter.

sovenko student id photo (100x126)Kseniya Sovenko, “A Taste of Ramadan”

Kseniya Sovenko received her degree in Journalism and Sociology Summer 2015 with baccalaureate honors. She is currently a Freelance Journalist whose experiences include being a dance instructor, model, and reporter. During her time at the University of Washington Kseniya has had the opportunity to intern for publications such as The Capitol Hill Times.

Proving there is a story in everybody’s life:
trujillo student id photo (100x126)Melinda Trujillo, “My Greek Boss”

Melinda Trujillo is a senior majoring in communication interested in using her love of words, interpersonal communication, business, problem solving, and helping others in whatever career she pursues. She is as enthusiastic and passionate about her own success and learning as she is about the success and learning of others. She is confident that she does and will continue to make the University of Washington and the Department of Communication proud through her work.

Kayla Roberts (150x200) 2016-4006A story that demonstrates a powerful epiphany:
Kayla Roberts, “My 9/11 Childhood”

Kayla Roberts is a senior at the University of Washington studying journalism and English. Her summers are spent at Safeco Field, and the winters are dedicated to Seahawk football. For every time in between, she searches for untold stories of everyday people, because she believes that everyone has a story to tell.

Ashley McCuen (150x200) 2016-4005Ashley McCuen, “Learning How to Love”

Ashley McCuen is a graduating senior at the University of Washington, earning a degree in Journalism and a minor in English. Between cups of coffee, she enjoys planning trips abroad and telling people’s stories, as she firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell. In the future, she plans to pursue audio and narrative journalism.


An important public issue:
Charles Johnson, “Kent State Races”

See bio above.

Kseniya Sovenko, “Love and Excommunication”

See bio above.

Jody Deering Nyquist Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Jody Deering Nyquist is Associate Dean Emerita of the UW Graduate School and an emerita member of the graduate faculty of the UW Department of Communication. She was the University’s Director of the Center for Instructional Development and Research from 1984 to 2000. Both her undergraduate and graduate work were completed at the University where she has been a faculty member since 1969. In the Department of Communication, Nyquist taught undergraduate and graduate courses in interpersonal and instructional communication, interviewing, small group facilitation, public speaking, and media.  Principal for many grants, her two major ones were from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Spencer Foundation. In addition to over 70 articles and book chapters, she has edited six books and co-authored “Working Effectively with Graduate Assistants and Re-envisioning the Ph.D.: What Concerns Do We Have?” Nyquist has received numerous awards for her work in her discipline and in higher education from the UW and from national and international organizations. She was president of the Western States Communication Association in 1984 and later received its highest award, the Distinguished Service Award. In 1992, she served as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in New Zealand. In 1996, she was awarded the prestigious Robert J. Kibler Award from the National Communication Association.  In 2002, Nyquist received the Samuel L. Becker Award, the highest award given for scholarship, teaching, and service by the National Communication Association.  Nyquist has served on boards for over 50 universities, organizations, independent schools, and nonprofit agencies. She has served on the editorial boards of nine journals and as an outside reviewer for ten universities. She has lectured at over 20 universities in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Japan. She was Visiting Professor at Nagoya University, Nagoya Japan from September 5 to December 5, 2008.  In 2005, Nyquist was inducted into the inaugural class of the Department of Communication’s Hall of Fame, and this year she was selected the Department’s Distinguished Alumna of 2014.

Bryce Ellis (150x200) 2016-4015Bryce Ellis

Bryce is an Autumn 2015 graduate of the University of Washington where he majored in Communication and Law, Societies, and Justice (LSJ). He is currently preparing for law school applications while he continues to explore opportunities to be involved in work with issues concerning the criminal justice system.


yamaguchi photo (100x126)Alisa Yamaguchi

Alisa is a senior majoring in communication with a minor in environmental science and resource management. This year she participated in the communication undergraduate honors program and plans to have her thesis completed by the end of spring quarter. Alisa also continued to work as a social media intern for the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity.


solomon photo (100x126)Aida Solomon

Aida Solomon received her degree in Communication Spring 2015. During her time at the University of Washington, Aida was a part of the Department of Communication honors program, studying the understanding of racial and ethnic labels among people of African descent. She had also been a part of the Civil Rights Pilgrimage trips that visits vital sites and meets with courageous footsoldiers during the Civil Rights Movement and interned at the University of Mississippi William Winter Institute. Aida is currently traveling in Ethiopia.

yip photo (100x126)Jasmine Yip

Jasmine is a graduating senior pursuing a double degree in Communication and Psychology with a minor in Education, Learning, and Society and certificate in Professional Sales. Jasmine has experience with marketing and sales – she is currently the Marketing Director for the University of Washington Relay for Life Team and Marketing Associate for Immediate Clinic. Through her studies Jasmine has also had the opportunity to study abroad in China at the University of Shanghai.

Fred Baker Ethics Awards 
The Fred Baker Award for Professional Education in Advertising and Public Relations was established to enhance professional education in advertising and public relations at the University of Washington. Frederick E. Baker was a successful advertising and public relations practitioner in Seattle and beyond, influencing political and civic affairs in the state and in the nation’s capital. He was extremely helpful to others in his craft and allied disciplines.

Young Kuk (Scott) Lee (150x200) 2016-4016Young Kuk (Scott) Lee

Scott is a Korean-American who grew up in Palo Alto, California and is currently a senior. He came to understand the importance of communication and perspective as he saw the world through two different scopes. This past fall he had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain with Randy Beam where he was able to explore Spanish media and experience a foreign culture. He is currently the president of the Asian Business Student Association and enjoys engaging in various other school activities.

Reham Hamoui (150x200) 2016-4018Reham Hamoui

Reham Hamoui is a Syrian-born American graduating with a major in Communications and minor in International Studies. She has worked on the Syrian refugee crisis for five years, including the coordination of humanitarian aid, political advocacy, and community outreach. Reham hopes to intertwine her degree with the passion that drives her; producing positive change in the lives of refugee communities both here in our backyard and at large.

Alisa Yamaguchi

See bio above.

hutchinson photo (100x126)Maya Hutchinson

Maya Hutchinson is a junior majoring in communication. She believes the communication major offers both comprehensiveness and diversity in the curriculum, helping her to focus her interests and better understand the world we live in. Maya was an intern for a San Francisco public relations firm, where she experienced the way communication is portrayed to the public and how it can make or break positive interpretations of a story.

Laura Robles (150x200) 2016-4020Laura Robles

Laura is a senior majoring Psychology and Communication. Her involvement includes studying abroad, being a member of Minority Leaders in Communication (MLC) through the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity (CCDE), and participating in the civil rights pilgrimage. Laura has had the opportunity to conduct research as a COM honors student, focusing on the bilingual communication of mental health. Her future plans include traveling to Tahiti and the Dominican Republic for the summer and interning at the University of Mississippi through the William Winter Institute of Racial Reconciliation in the Fall.

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research

Alumnus Peter Clarke is a world-renowned professor and researcher in the area of health communication who has invested in our graduate and undergraduate students in all kinds of ways. Clarke and the Department of Communication created the Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research to provide support and honor for students who have completed research projects. The set of awards include four categories: an undergraduate honors thesis, an M.A. thesis, an M.C. project, and a Ph.D. dissertation.

Honors Thesis: Bryce Ellis, “Media Inside and Out: Exploring the Media Uses and Gratifications of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals”

See bio above.

Leslie Mabry (150x200) 2016-4022M.A. Thesis:
Leslie Mabry, “The Rhetoric of Social Robots: How Consumerism is Shaping Perceptions of Robotic Ontology”

Leslie is both student and employee at the UW, managing undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship at the Foster School while simultaneously pursuing her academic goals here in the Department of Communication. In both her professional and academic work she is passionate about the influence of emerging technologies on society, particularly surrounding artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented realities, and biotechnologies. She plans to continue her studies toward the Ph.D.

friedrich photo (100x126)M.C. Project: Jeffrey Friedrich, “Assessing the Best Methods for Teaching Interpersonal Communication Skills to Physicians in Training: A Systematic Review”

Jeff is a physician at the UW, and he is in the CommLead MCCN program. While in CommLead, he has been able to pursue a special interest in interpersonal communication. This interest led him to develop an independent research project analyzing the methods by which physicians in training are taught interpersonal communication skills. Jeff is extremely grateful for the guidance he has received in the program, and for the recognition with this prestigious award.

sheetalPh.D. Dissertation: Sheetal Agarwal, “The Process of Networked Civic Innovation: Examining the Role of Values, Resources, and Power in Community-Based Technology Projects”

Sheetal is currently applying her research to support start-ups, civic, small businesses, and non-profit organizations in designing and developing effective communication and technology strategy. She was recently nominated for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 under 40” award. Sheetal is looking forward to teaching for the Comm Lead program in the Fall. She and her husband, Nikhil, have settled in Seattle and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first son, due in July 2016.

Journalism Foreign Intrigue Endowed Scholarship
This endowment was established by a UW Journalism alum, and provides financial support for journalism students to work as intern reporters at a foreign news organization and to travel after the internship. The donor’s goal is to give journalism students an exposure to another culture outside of North America and a more thorough understanding of journalism and culture.

Chetanya Robinson (150x200) 2016-4053Chetanya Robinson: Awoko

Chetanya Robinson is a senior double majoring in journalism and Middle East studies. He is currently an intern with Crosscut, and a board member of the UW student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. This summer he’ll be interning with a newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone as part of the Foreign Intrigue journalism scholarship. He hopes to work as a journalist after graduating from the UW in the fall.

Kate Clark (150x200) 2016-4049Kate Clark: Citizen Matters

Kate is a graduating senior bracing herself to enter the scary world of journalism. While at the UW, she double majored in international studies and journalism. Thanks to the foreign intrigue scholarship, she will begin her career in Bangalore, India.


Megan Herndon (150x200) 2016-4047Megan Herndon: Jakarta Globe

Megan is a senior at UW majoring in journalism, minoring in French and pursuing a Certificate of Sales. During her time at UW she has worked for The Daily and for the Office of Admissions for four years as well as interned with the Seattle Globalist and in the newsroom at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Her long-term goals include writing for either a news outlet or producing marketing content focusing on health or global issues.

Rayna Stackhouse: Cambodia Daily

See bio above.

Mohammed Kloub (150x200) 2016-4045Moh Kloub: Jordan Times

Mohammed Kloub is a junior pursuing journalism and Middle East studies. He is currently the News Editor for of the UW and next year’s Editor-In-Chief, where he hopes to guide the publication through a much-needed digital transition. He has a passion for hip-hop music and its intersections with racism and politics, and he is also interested in stories concerning social justice, equity, resistance, and activism. He also maintains a healthy obsession with Game of Thrones.

Journalism North American Scholarship

The Journalism North American Scholarship was created through another donor of ours who was inspired by the Journalism Foreign Intrigue Endowed Scholarship. This endowment provides financial support for a journalism student to work as an intern reporter at a foreign location in North America. Through this experience the student will gain a better understanding of journalism and culture.

acuna photo (100x126)Cristina Acuna: CIMAC Noticias

Cristina Acuna is a senior majoring in journalism. Cristina found a real passion for news writing and editing while working for the Thunderword at Highline College. She wrote for the paper four quarters as a staff reporter until she was hired as editor-in-chief. The experience of being editor further cemented her determination to become a journalist.


Excellence in Journalism 
This endowment was established by a UW Journalism alum, and provides financial support for journalism students who have expressed their interest in a career in journalism, and to encourage the highest standards of journalism: to encourage excellence in thought and expression, to encourage the exercise of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and the press, and to advance the people’s right to know in a responsible manner.

Kelsey Hamlin (150x200) 2016-4035Kelsey Hamlin

Kelsey Hamlin is an undergraduate student within the Journalism major, who is also transitioning into a double-major with Law, Societies & Justice. She freelances around Seattle publications and just finished completing a legislative internship under The Seattle Times last quarter. You can also find her in meetings for the UW’s Society of Professional Journalists as she is the Vice President. (Please, people, actually get involved in these, they’re here to help you get journalism scholarships, internships, and jobs.)

Moh Kloub

See bio above.

Sophie Hayes

See bio above.

Don Pember Journalism Endowed Scholarship 
The Don Pember Journalism Endowed Fund was established by Communication alumnae Maggie Walker and Micki Flowers in honor of Professor Don Pember. Many other donors, both alumni of the Department and former students and colleagues of Pember, also contributed to the establishment of the scholarship. Don Pember joined the University of Washington faculty in 1969 and served as a mentor to many undergraduate and graduate students. He received the UW’s prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award in 1973 and was recognized two years later for excellence in teaching by the Carnegie Foundation. He retired in 2002. He is the author of two immensely influential textbooks, Mass Media and America (went through 6 editions) and Mass Media Law (now in its 18th edition).

Chetanya Robinson
See bio above.

Cassie L. Bryant Scholarship 
The Cassie L. Bryant Scholarship is funded by donations from many people in honor of Ms. Bryant. She was elected as the first treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi, which is now known as the Association of Women in Communications. This organization was founded on this campus in 1909. Early in Cassie Bryant’s professional life, she saw the importance of strong local and national organizations committed to the development of women journalists.

An Vuong Nguyen (150x200) 2016-4055An Vuong Nguyen

An is a journalism major who transferred from Highline College in Des Moines, Washington. She is also an international student from Vietnam, and came to America when she was 17. An loves learning about cultures and languages.


Northwest Asian Weekly Scholarship
The Northwest Asian Weekly Scholarship was established by Assunta Ng, the President and Publisher ofNorthwest Asian Weekly and the Chinese Post. Born in China, Assunta moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was five years old.  At 18, she decided she wanted to go to college in the United States.  Although her parents were opposed to her plans, they agreed to support her financially for one year — after which she would be on her own. She spent her first year in America at Portland’s Maryhurst College, and then transferred to the University of Washington. She earned her teaching certificate in 1976 and taught for some years. She came back to the UW for a master’s degree in Speech Communication, which she received in 1979. Her 1982 and 1983 founding of the Seattle Chinese Post and Northwest Asian Weekly, respectively, was intended to connect an Asian community that was greatly ignored by other newspapers in Seattle. Assunta has been honored many times for her work in the Asian community and beyond, including her 2004 inclusion in the UW Department of Communication Hall of Fame, and in 2011 she received the Charles E. Odegaard Award, which honors individuals whose leadership in the community exemplifies the former UW president’s work on behalf of diversity. It is the only University and community-selected award.

Varisha Khan

See bio above.

Northwest Automotive Press Association Scholarship 
The Northwest Automotive Press Association Scholarship was established in 2003 to support UW journalism students. The Northwest Automotive Press Association is a nonprofit group of 40 northwest print, radio, television and Internet journalists. The group sponsors an annual event called Mudfest, where all new SUVs and CUVs are tested and rated. Both domestic and import auto manufacturers support this event and the proceeds from their sponsorship support this scholarship fund.

Benjamin Fleming (150x200) 2016-4056Benjamin Fleming

After waltzing down the path of academic uncertainty in his formative years, Benjamin Fleming has turned a new leaf in his quest for the future. Provoked by an enlightening experience while attaining his Associates Degree from Green River College, Benjamin has geared himself toward success in higher education in the Department of Communication.


Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication
The Harold E. Carr Scholarship in Communication was established by Harold E. and Joyce C. Carr to support upper level undergraduate students in the Department of Communication who study in the fields of journalism, public relations, global communication, and political communication. Harold Carr is retired from The Boeing Company after 20 years as a director and then a vice president of public relations and advertising. He was also in charge of Boeing’s historical archive and the company-wide weekly newspaper, Boeing News. He is the recipient of many awards, including the 2004 Jay Rockey Lifetime Achievement Award from the Puget Sound Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Harold has served as a board member for several civic organizations, including Goodwill Industries, the Downtown Seattle Association, and the Henry Art Gallery.  He served two years as president and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of Flight.

Jeanie Lindsay (150x200) 2016-4058Jeanie Lindsay

Jeanie Lindsay is a senior in the journalism program and loves UW. Since moving into Haggett Hall before her first quarter in 2013, she’s been taking advantage of the endless opportunities that seem to pop up all over our gorgeous campus. She’s inspired by the unique and incredible stories of her fellow students, and after graduating hopes to pursue a communications career where her work can inspire others to create and maintain meaningful change.

The Seattle Times/Blethen Family Memorial Scholarship
The Seattle Times/Blethen Family Memorial Scholarship was established in 1990 with an initial commitment from the Blethen family that owns the Seattle Times, of $200,000, split equally between UW and WSU. Scholarships are for minority students in journalism. The goal of this particular scholarship is to improve the educational opportunities of minority students, to introduce new ideas and customs into university study programs, and to spread ideas, understanding and information to the general public by increasing the number of minority men and women in journalism.

Agueda Abril Pacheco-Flores (150x200) 2016-4061Agueda Abril Pacheco-Flores

Agueda was born in San Juan Del Rio Queretaro and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of three with her family. She comes from a family of undocumented immigrants. Agueda alongside her sister Suheil are the first among her family to attend a four-year university. She hopes to become a political investigative journalist.


Enrique Perez (150x200) 2016-4062Enrique Perez

Enrique Perez is a first-generation American and university student and a son of Mexican immigrants to the United States. With his journalism degree, he plans to become a foreign correspondent in Latin America for both English and Spanish language news outlets. He hopes to bring Latin America’s beauties and ailments alike to the world’s attention.


Rhea Panela (150x200) 2016-4065Rhea Panela

Rhea is a junior studying journalism with a minor in English. She writes for The Daily, UW’s student publication, and was the diversity beat reporter for two consecutive quarters. Rhea is also currently the Co-Editor-in-Chief of “Her Campus” online magazine, and a digital media intern at the International Examiner. She is a 2016 Northwest Journalists of Color Scholarship recipient and was chosen as one of the inaugural Husky 100, which recognizes 100 well-rounded students from all three UW campuses.

John H. & Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship 
John Reid was born in 1873 in Norway. He immigrated to the US at the age of four and settled in Glyndon, MN. He was orphaned at the age of 11 and taken in by Capt. Luther Osborn, who already had eight children of his own. Capt. Osborn owned the Red River Valley News and John spent a lot of time at the newspaper office. After one year of High School in Fargo, ND, John decided what he really wanted to be was a newspaper man. Capt. Osborn gladly taught him every phase of the business. In his early 20’s, John moved down the tracks to Hawley, MN where he started his own newspaper. He met the love of his life, Harriet, and they married in 1902.

In 1906 the Reid’s moved to Seattle. John worked for the Seattle Times then bought the Vashon Island News and the family moved to Vashon Island. In 1913 he bought a print shop in the University District and in 1917 published the first issue of the University District Herald. He was very active in the community, serving on the school board, the draft board and with several civic groups.  In 1941, John and Harriet Reid received honorary degrees from the University of Washington in recognition of their nine children, all of whom earned degrees from the University of Washington.

Wally Reid, their youngest son, graduated from the University of Washington in journalism in 1940. He was editor of the Tyee yearbook, and active in Sigma Chi Fraternity. He served in the US Navy during WWII and survived the sinking of two ships. After the war he resumed his career at the University District Herald, which later became University Printing Co. Wally Reid started the University District Kids’ Parade in 1950 and served as its chair for the next 30 years. He was president of the University District Rotary Club, the University District Chamber of Commerce, and the Seattle Sales and Marketing Executives.

After his father’s death in 1960, Wally decided to honor his parents. Although neither had graduated from high school, his parents always stressed the value of education. Thus the John and Harriet Reid Memorial Scholarship was established in 1961.

Carly Knight (150x200) 2016-4066Carly Knight

Carly Knight, a junior at the UW earning both a journalism degree and a Professional Sales Certificate, is from Vancouver, Washington. She writes for The Daily at the UW in both the sports and news sections and has maintained a 3.6 GPA.


Marty Wilson Endowed Scholarship 
The Marty Wilson Scholarship was established in 1996 with memorial gifts received from her family, friends and admirers. Marty Wilson’s professional career began in 1957 with the development of a television program about education from the point of view of a parent. She produced numerous programs for KOMO-TV and served as a visiting lecturer in the School of Communications. In 1984 she was named National Presswoman of the Year. Ms. Wilson exemplified everything we encourage our journalism students to strive toward. The many achievements and awards throughout her creative and courageous career offer an example of what can be accomplished to a new generation of journalists.

Anran Lin (150x200) 2016-4069Anran Lin

Anran is a rising junior majoring in Journalism. Her passion for broadcast was realized when she noticed her talent in language. Growing up in Greece, while getting an American education as a Chinese student, she had the privilege to live in an environment that taught her Chinese, English and Greek. Anran’s dream is to become a multilingual anchorwoman on the international level.


Robert F. Philip Scholarship
The Robert F. Philip Scholarship was created by Robert F. Philip to provide financial assistance to students of merit, with preference to those studying in the field of Communication. Robert Philip has been an active participant in, and observer of, University affairs for over 6 decades — as University of Washington student in the 30s, as president of the Tri-City Herald newspaper, as a member of the Medical School’s visiting committee, as district governor of the Alumni Association and, for 18 years, as a member of the Board of Regents. Mr. Philip established this scholarship to further ensure academic and professional excellence at the University, in particular in the field of Communication.

Clare Rosenkranze (150x200) 2016-4071Clare Rosenkranz

Clare is a sophomore from Westlake Village, California. She holds two social media marketing internships, one for UW Student Life and one for Hillel at the University of Washington. Previously, she served as a social media intern for pop-star Andy Grammer. Clare is also a member of the American Marketing Association club on campus. She plans on pursuing a career in the social media marketing field and is hoping to study abroad with the Department of Communication in Rome next winter.

Shu Ting (Jacqueline) Leung (150x200) 2016-4073Shu Ting (Jacqueline) Leung

Shu Ting Leung (Jacqueline) is an international student from Hong Kong. She is a junior majoring in Communication with strong interest in Public Relations. Next year, she will be the Media Coordinator of UW PRSSA and hopes to pursue career in PR industry after graduate. She wants to collaborate with new promotion and marketing ideas in the future.


Yingjie Gu (150x200) 2016-4075Yingjie Gu

Yingjie Gu, a communication student, showed not only outstanding academic performance but also impressive volunteering experiences in community services and political campaigns. Because of her dream as a reporter, she struggled from the low grade she got from freshmen writing class to finally have excellent performance in her narrative journalism class during her senior year. She always believes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Nicole Humphries (150x200) 2016-4077Nicole Humphries

Nicole is a second year student double majoring in Communications and American Ethnic Studies. Originally from Lake Stevens, Washington, she is so excited and blessed to continue studying at the University of Washington. Nicole is passionate for finding ways to help the underprivileged and give them the same chances she was fortunate enough to receive. After UW, she hopes to go to graduate school to get her master’s in Education.

Kristi Chan (150x200) 2016-4078Kristi Chan

Kristi Chan is a communication major graduating in the fall. She is interested in public relations and marketing. After she graduates she hopes to work for the Seattle Mariners.


cline photo (100x126)Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline is a junior at the University of Washington. She is a Communication Major and hopes to go into the advertising industry after graduation.


Bob Doble Memorial Scholarship
The Bob Doble Memorial Fund was established in the 1930s by Jim and Peg Marshall to honor her son, Bob, and has been funded over the years by contributions in various amounts by a large number of supporters.

Julie-Grace Sanders (150x200) 2016-4081Julia-Grace Sanders

Julia-Grace is a Journalism student at the University of Washington dedicated to working in the intersections of media and Human Rights. After transferring from Texas Christian University where she competed as a Division-I swimmer, she has devoted her time to developing her storytelling abilities. Her work has been published in several local publications including The Daily, the Seattle Globalist and the Seattle Weekly.

Max and Monica Holsinger Scholarship 
The Max & Monica Holsinger Scholarship was established in 2006. Max Holsinger, a 1938 graduate, was a lifelong supporter of the UW. After graduation, he sold advertising for Mining World in Eastern and Western Europe and Africa. He also had a long and successful career in the publishing industry. The Holsingers established a scholarship to support UW journalism students.

Praphanit (Prab) Doowa (150x200) 2016-4084Praphanit “Prab” Doowa

Prab is currently a freshman at the UW. She is in the Journalism major and is minoring in Nutritional Sciences. Prab was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and came to the UW for college. She always wanted to be a journalism major and is really happy to be here. She currently works for The Daily, specifically for the sports and news sections, and is loving it. Prab is thrilled and grateful for the scholarship and would like to thank the department!

Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship
The Kevin Ellis Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1985 by his parents in an effort to recognize their son’s interest in the field of international communication. Kevin graduated from the University in 1981. He, along with five traveling companions, was kidnapped by rebel dissidents in Zimbabwe in 1982, while on a tour of Africa to learn more about the country and its people. His death was confirmed in 1985. Contributions to this fund have been made by the Westin Hotels and family members and friends. The scholarship is awarded to students who have an interest in international communication.

James Campbell (150x200) 2016-4085James Campbell

James is a transfer student to UW from Seattle Central College. After taking a near eight-year-long break from academics, James is working rigorously on his B.A. in Communication while balancing 18 credits, a 20-hour-per-week internship, and two other part-time jobs. As a communication major, James is determined to take advantage of any and all opportunities that the Department of Communication has to offer. He is determined to remind everyone that it’s never too late for education.

blas gamero photo (100x126)Jacqueline Blas Gamero

Jacqueline Blas Gamero is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Communication with a Minor in Human Rights at the University of Washington. She grew up in Peru and has lived, worked and studied in Guyana, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden. When she was at Bellevue College, she discovered that her favorite course was COM 270 Interpersonal Communications. The interpersonal communications course made her become aware about the importance of communications and how it really can improve people’s quality lives. She came to understand how important communications is and how many wars could be avoided if we all would learn more about how the culture affects our thoughts, emotions and relationships between humans, countries and corporations. Today she feels proud to be a UW student, where she is learning how to become the voice of the voiceless and an advocate for women and children around the world. She is also planning to start a Master in Public Policies and Management. Jacqueline aspires to become a Program Global Manager where she can help to build solutions to challenging problems in education, human rights and health.

Jane and Reid Roller Scholarship in Communication
Reid Roller was a professor in Communication at UW in the 1980s. He came here after a long and successful career at J. Walter Thompson — at that time, the world’s largest advertising agency. The scholarship was established in his memory by his wife, Jane.

Korbie Frey (150x200) 2016-4088Korbie Frey

Korbie Frey is the first in her family to attend college. She’s currently a member of PRSSA and a barista at Starbucks. She plans on joining the social media team there and developing her career with the company.


Richard Wiegand Earl Memorial Scholarship
This endowment was created by Deborah Wiegand in memory of her husband, Richard Earl Wiegand, who worked for The Boeing Company and retired shortly before his passing in April 2006. Deborah Wiegand, who has demonstrated her dedication to students and to public service during more than twenty years at the University of Washington, created this endowment to support journalism students with their education.

Jack Russillo (150x200) 2016-4090Jack Russillo

Raised on Orcas Island, Jack grew up with a love for the outdoors and unique communities. He has always valued high academic standing, and was salutatorian of his high school graduating class and has been a regular member of the Dean’s List, but he learned to balance scholastics with an array of extracurricular activities. His hobbies include rock-climbing, yoga, wood-carving, reading, biking, writing short stories, and collecting distinct pairs of socks.

David Horsey Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in the UW Department of Communication. Awards may be based on academic merit or financial need, or a combination thereof, to Communication and Journalism students. This scholarship is being created to help students and to recognize the Horsey family’s many ties to the University of Washington. David Horsey graduated from the University of Washington in 1975 with a degree in communication and many memorable experiences in journalism as editorial cartoonist for – and later editor of – The Daily. He has been the nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and columnist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer since 1979, and he has received many awards for his work, including two Pulitzer Prizes. He has been a volunteer member of the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board since 2000. Nole Ann Ulery-Horsey also graduated from the University of Washington in 1975, with a degree in occupational therapy. She is currently a continuing education specialist for the School of Nursing. Their daughter Darielle is a 2006 graduate of the University. Their son Daniel spent his freshman year at the University of Washington, and then chose an alternative path for his higher education.

Peter Graef (150x200) 2016-4092Peter Graef

Peter Graef is a junior at the UW, majoring in Communication and Sociology. He is a survivor of pediatric schizophrenia, which he has struggled with from a young age. He overcame his schizophrenia and a low income childhood to become a 2013 graduate of Tacoma Community College. He is proud to be a successful UW student today, and is looking forward to a bright future.


rose photo (100x126)Jasmine Rose

Jasmine Rose is a junior majoring in communication and pursuing a minor in nutritional science. She has been involved with the UW Student Food Co-op and the Association for Women in Communications at UW. After graduation Jasmine plans to pursue a career related to food justice and sustainability.

Dan Warner/ Bob Wiley Memorial Scholarship
The Puget Sound Advertising Federation made initial contributions to this fund in 1978 to honor Robert Wiley, a 1953 graduate of the former School of Communications, who received national recognition for his expertise in radio advertising. Dan Warner was likewise honored by the Puget Sound Advertising Foundation for his significant contributions to the field.

bravos photo (100x126)Andrew Bravos

Andrew comes from the small town of Hoquiam, Washington where there are not a lot of opportunities that are presented to students from larger areas. He received his AA at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington in order to lessen the burden of student loans at the university level. Andrew was afraid to even apply to the UW while in high school because he didn’t want to get denied by his dream school. Getting his acceptance letter from UW is the greatest highlight of his life thus far.

seelye photo (100x126)Evangelea Seelye

Evangelea is a junior double majoring in social and cultural communication and photomedia. She grew up in the Marshall Islands and worked at the local newspaper where she discovered her passion to further incorporate diverse populations into the public news sector to provide the underrepresented more of a voice. She’s currently employed at Hubbard Radio and The Daily and hopes to pursue a future career in broadcasting or journalism, specifically in the news sector.

Ruddick C. & Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship
The Ruddick C. and Cherry Lawrence Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1996 to enhance and strengthen the Department of Communication. Ruddick Lawrence began his professional life as the Director of Publicity for the Detroit Institute of the Arts and then went on to serve as manager at American Boy Magazine and Fortune Magazine. He was Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange from 1953 to 1968 and founded his own consulting firm, Lawrence Associates, in 1977. Throughout his career, he was committed to community service and education. In addition to this generous support for undergraduate students, Lawrence established the Ruddick C. Lawrence Endowed Professorship in Communications, currently filled by Professor Lance Bennett, who founded and heads the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement.

Matthew Lee (150x200) 2016-4094Mathew Lee

Mat is an Army veteran who deployed twice in service to our nation. While he was in, he earned the coveted Ranger Tab, and because of this, he strives every day to uphold the prestige and honor of the many Rangers who have gone before him. After graduating, he plans to pursue a career in emergency medicine. Eventually, he wants to find a way to re-engage his passion for communication, perhaps in the form of teaching or research.

hudes photo (100x126)Claire Hudes

Having studied and interned in Seoul, South Korea, Claire has had a long, vested interest in international communication and advertising. As rising senior double-majoring in Communication and Korean Studies, she hopes to use her degree to work as an international advertising liaison to a Korean company. This summer, Claire will be working as a strategy intern for a marketing company in Seattle, where she hopes to gain more footing in the advertising industry on both a local and international level.

Robert L. Patterson Scholarship
Robert Patterson was professor emeritus at Castleton State College in Vermont. After the death of his wife, Marilyn Mathis Patterson, UW Class of 1948, he arranged for an endowment for her alma mater. Marilyn was an avid journalism alumna. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Pi, and recipient of the UW Faculty Medal while she was a student here. She passed away in 1991.

Dina Al-Bassyiouni (150x200) 2016-4095Dina Al-Bassyiouni

Dina is a junior double-majoring in Communication and Medical Anthropology and Global Health. She plans to apply to Dental school this summer. Dina is bilingual in Arabic and English and plans to continue learning Spanish. She is an officer in DDS Pre-Dental Club as well as UMR Humanitarian club. She has been competitively swimming since the age of seven and has won several awards county-wide in Maryland.

Allyson Ahern (150x200) 2016-4098Allyson Ahern

Allyson Ahern is a junior from Shoreline, Washington and has made Dean’s List every quarter of her UW career so far. She is currently interning with UW Athletic Communications and the Seattle Mariners and hopes to pursue a career in sports public relations. She wants to help create a space and a culture for women to succeed in higher levels of the sports industry.


John Impola Endowment for Journalism Education
This award was established by Marion Impola in memory of her husband John Impola. John Impola was born in Cathlamet, WA. He was the first member of his family to earn a college degree, graduating from the UW with a BA in Journalism in 1928. His entire career was devoted to the practice of journalism in the Northwest. He was employed for 25 years by the Daily Journal of Commerce, serving for many years until his retirement as its managing editor.

Katie Anastas (150x200) 2016-4100Katie Anastas

Katie Anastas is a sophomore pursuing a major in Communication (Journalism) and minors in Spanish and Law, Societies, & Justice. She has worked as a writer, podcast editor, and Special Sections editor at The Daily. She also works in the history department, where she has researched the farm workers’ movement and the underground press of the 1960s and 70s. She is in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program and plans to pursue Departmental Honors in journalism beginning next fall.

Flip Wilson Scholarship
The Flip Wilson Scholarship is an annual gift from the estate of the late comedian. The gift supports one undergraduate for a full year of college, including tuition, books, room and board and transportation. His Emmy award winning show broke through racial and economic barriers in the 1970s. Flip Wilson was a pioneer in the entertainment industry, paving the way for many successful comedians and he was a strong supporter of education.

Taejonae Teon McKenzie (150x200) 2016-4032Taejonae Teon McKenzie

Tae is a sophomore intending on majoring in Communication. She grew up in Tacoma and later South Seattle. Tae currently holds the title of being Washington State Youth of the Year and also Pacific Region Youth of the Year through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Tae is also a fielder for the Seattle Mariners and had interned with the UW Black Student Commission and Seattle Seahawks. She has recently been elected ASUWS Director of Diversity Efforts and will be the CCDE Undergraduate Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic school year.

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