Mako Hill Wins Competitive NSF Award

Benjamin Mako Hill

Assistant Professor Mako Hill was recently awarded a second grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The funded proposal is a collaborative effort with Aaron Shaw who is in Communication Studies at Northwestern University. The grant is for a total of $499,684 over three years and the majority of the award is going to go to UW.

The NSF grant will support his work with Shaw on population-level analyses of online communities and the money will primarily go to supporting graduate students.

“This is the first major grant I’ve received without a senior faculty member involved so I really see it as a wonderful stamp of approval from all the more senior scholars who reviewed the proposal and chose it in an extremely competitive process. I read it as a strong signal that my research goals are resonating with others and that other folks think my work is important. That feels great!”

The proposal is built around three empirical projects that seek to use large multi-community datasets to test theories about the growth of online communities and an overarching project to build a broader theory around pathways to online community growth using a new type of nested computational models.

“The grant will bring lots of resources to work with graduate students, buy equipment, and work with outside organizations. It will bring resources that will allow me to spend time in with organizations in the bay area that I’ve done work with. It will allow to accomplish many things faster and better that possible otherwise. In some cases, it will make possible studies that I wouldn’t have been able to do at all.”

Learn more about the NSF here.