Kirsten Foot Receives NCA 2016 Outstanding Book Award

Communication Professor Dr. Kirsten Foot is the recipient of the National Communication Association’s Organizational Communication Division 2016 Award for Outstanding Book. According to the Awards Chair, Dr. Foot’s book, Collaboration Against Human Trafficking: Cross-Sector Challenges and Practices, “offers many important contributions to organizational communication scholarship.”

A panel of four leading scholars of organizational communication, who scored the work very highly, evaluated Dr. Foot’s work. The Awards Chair reports that the book earned an overall score of 4.51 out of 5.00, averaged across reviewers who evaluated the book in terms of its Groundbreaking nature, the Intellectual Rigor and Clarity of the text, and the extent of its Contribution to the application of organizational communication.

“This book engages with one of the most important intractable problems of our day,” commented one panelist. “The methods are exemplary and offer readers a way to view the problem on a first-hand basis by engaging with people involved in all aspects of human trafficking.”

Another judge wrote, “What an amazing example of an extended participatory action research project addressing an important issue. [The] book is an exemplar for individuals in organizational communication on how to do rigorous, engaged research that both extends our theoretical understanding of a phenomenon and provides sound guidance for the community with which Dr. Foot engaged.”

To learn more about Dr. Foot’s research into building better collaborations to counter human trafficking, CLICK HERE.