Comm Graduate Reports on Sierra Leone Opioid Crisis

“Opiate addiction has become increasingly common in Sierra Leone, where there are few avenues for drug rehabilitation.”

Cooper Inveen (B.A. 2015) investigates the nation’s struggles against an emerging public health emergency. Read an excerpt below:

“The dark street corner would have been silent if not for the grumble of a motorbike. It was nearing midnight, but for Ibrahim Sesay – a 27-year-old motorbike taxi driver in Freetown – the evening had just begun. He pulled four small pills from his breast pocket, gulped them down without water and set off into the night.      

‘Every night I take tramadol, for the past year at least,’ he explained, referring to the pills.

‘Lots of [motorbike taxi drivers] take it. It helps me stay awake while I work, but now I can’t do anything without it. I have to take it when I wake up or I feel sick … It is scares me because I don’t really know what to do and I think it’s getting worse.’”


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