COM Professor Shares: “What Interviews Are Good For”

On Wednesday, November 15, Assistant Professor Matthew Powers will present on interviews in research as a part of the UW QUAL Talks series.

Entitled, “What Interviews Are Good For: Strengths and Limitations of Interviews as a Methodological Technique,” the talk has three key aims. First, Dr. Powers reviews some of the standard reasons for and against the use of interviews in research. Second, he makes the basic point that interviews are social relations, by which he means that the interviewer and interviewee each have social positions, and these positions shape the discourses each produces. Third, and drawing on research comparing journalism in France and the US, Dr. Powers suggests some implications that stem from seeing interviews as social relations.

Matthew Powers is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. His research interests include journalism studies, political communication and comparative media, and his writings have been published in Journal of Communication, Communication Research and International Journal of Press/Politics, among others.