Call for Research Participants: Help UWComm Study Microaggressions

Who: Adults (18 or older) who:

(1) Identify as Black, Latino(a), or mixed-race Latino(a) and Black
(2) Have experienced one or more microaggressions (behaviors/verbal remarks that convey discrimination or demean a person’s racial identity) in the last 6 months

What: A study meant to assess the impact of experiencing microaggressions on various health measures.

Where: Communication Research InterAction Lab, CMU 321, University of Washington, Seattle Campus

Time: 1 hour commitment

Compensation: $10

The study will require participants to take two surveys and schedule an appointment to come to the University of Washington to have a blood spot sample taken (the research attendant will prick your finger to get droplets of blood for testing), so we need participants from the Seattle area who can travel to the UW on their own.

Interested and think you’re eligible?
Contact Joe Whitt at for more information