Ralina Joseph Receives Royalty Research Fund Award

The Department is proud to announce that Dr. Ralina Joseph, Director of the UW Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity (CCDE), recently received a Royalty Research Fund award for nearly $35,000 dollars.

The award will fund a research project that focuses on how mixed-race, school-age children form racialized identities through their school environments. The project is set to have a significant community impact on Seattle, which in 2016 was ranked second in the U.S. for cities with the largest percentage of multiracial people.

The work is needed, Dr. Joseph explains, because “mixed-race children are largely absent from critical education literature, despite their demographic surge. In 1970, a handful of years after interracial marriage became legal in the United States, the U.S. Census reported that only 1% of babies living with two parents had parents from different races. As of 2013, 10% of babies living with two parents had parents from different races.”

The proposed project has four parts:

1) A “StoryCorps” style event, which will capture 15 conversation dialogues between mixed-race children and important members of their school environments (a parent, teacher, administrator, coach, etc.)

2) Three “radical listening” sessions for the greater Seattle public, during which attendees will hear excerpts of the conversations, and engage in subsequent, intergenerational discussions on mixed-race

3) A published work entitled Generation Mixed Goes to School (currently under contract with Teachers College Press), which draws upon the stories as the connective tissue in this monograph on how to create “mixed-race conscious spaces” in school communities

4) A website that hosts the recorded stories and acts as a companion piece to the “radical listening” sessions and the book

Dr. Joseph and her colleagues hope that this latest will build off the success of the CCDE’s “First Time Experiencing Racism” project. The First Time project successfully brought in increasing numbers of community members and students “to learn the skills of radical listening and process through racial hurt.” The Generation Mixed Goes to School project will build off this audience.

A portion of the award will also support the research of UW Communication doctoral candidate, Anjuli Brekke. Brekke is working with the CCDE in conjunction with her dissertation research on podcasting and listening across difference.

David Domke, Chair of the UW Department of Communication said, “This work is part of the impactful and growing portfolio of projects under Ralina’s directorship. On behalf of her colleagues and students, I want to say ‘congratulations,’ and thank you for this important work!”