2018 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Sheila Brooks Receives NAACP Image Award Nomination

Dr. Sheila Brooks

The Department of Communication is excited to share that Dr. Sheila Brooks, a mission-driven visionary and alumna, was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Literary Work category for “Debut Author.” Dr. Brooks is an Emmy-award winning journalist, entrepreneur, and advocate for minority and women entrepreneurs, and diversity issues. The NAACP Image Awards is the preeminent award show celebrating the accomplishments of people of color in the fields of television, music, literature, and film. It also recognizes and honors individuals who promote social justice through creative endeavors.

Lucile H. Bluford

Dr. Brooks received her B.A. from the Department of Communication in 1978, and has since done phenomenal work, both as a broadcast journalist and an entrepreneur. Her book, “Lucile H. Bluford and the Kansas City Call: Activist Voice for Social Justice,” discusses the life and pioneering work of Lucile Bluford, an activist, editor, and publisher during the civil rights and women’s rights movements. Dr. Brooks grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, blocks from the offices of The Call where Lucile Bluford was a journalist, editor, and publisher. The book traces the beginnings of her activism as a young reporter seeking admission to the graduate program in journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and details how that battle became the catalyst for her seven-decade career as a champion of racial and gender equality. As an entrepreneur, social advocate, and journalist herself, Dr. Brooks was inspired by Lucile Bluford and had always wanted to share her story.

During the 41 years since she joined the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Dr. Brooks has trained and mentored hundreds of black journalists. She spent 13 years in broadcast journalism at CBS, NBC, and PBS affiliates and the Washington, D.C Fox TV O&O. In 1990, she established SRB Communications, an advertising and marketing agency in Washington, D.C. that specializes in multicultural markets.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Brooks has maintained a deep connection with the community and given a voice to diverse stories. Unsurprisingly, her debut as an author continues to drive that mission. When asked what she thinks Lucile Bluford would advise female journalists today, Dr. Brooks says she would tell women to “continue to tell your story. Be honest, be persistent, and do not give up on your dreams. As journalists, it is our duty to do so.”