The Wild Public Screens of China: Activism on Social Media Networks

April 24, 2019 || 3:30 p.m. CMU 126

The Department of Communication is excited to present our Spring Colloquium featuring Professor Kevin DeLuca. The twin irruptions of China and social media rupture the world as it is and force us to think everything anew. The evidence of these events opening new worlds is apparent in myriad areas from the economic to the environmental to the political.

This talk will explore these events together through the example of activism in China, especially the violent protests on the public screens and streets of Qidong, and the IFAW campaign to end the ivory trade. Any optimism is tempered by the menacing backdrop of the global surveillance society.

Speaker Biography: Kevin DeLuca is a Professor of Communication and Environmental Humanities at the University of Utah. He is the author of the book “Image Politics” and has also published numerous essays on media, social movements, images, and environmental politics.