CPS Reception

On Friday, Oct. 25th, the Center for communication, Difference and Equity (CCDE) celebrated our new partnership with the graduate Certificate in Public Scholarship (CPS). CCDE Director Ralina Joseph and CPS Director Michelle Habell-Pallán, were on hand to answer questions from students and faculty. Before the receptions, the CPS public roundtable panelists spoke on their responsibilities to their publics, and how they work to center their publics in their work. CPS students had a chance to ask questions before the roundtable broke up for more intimate conversations during the reception.

The CPS was formed by an interdisciplinary faculty team to support the work of graduate students interested in public scholarship and community engagement. The cohort of UW graduate students and faculty focus on public scholarship that engages in cultural practice and inquiry, and build campus-community partnerships across all sectors of higher education through community-engaged research, teaching, and service.  Students are encouraged to produces digital and multimedia publication, exhibitions, performance, and other innovative modes of disseminating scholarship, and receive support for professional development for careers inside or outside of higher education.

The CPS’s mission of interdisciplinarity, social justice, and community engagement pairs well with the CCDE’s mission of creating spaces where our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni gather to promote greater equity. We focus on creating applicable tools that impact racial justice while building collaborative relationships with our community partners.

As a graduate certificate program, CPS is housed in The Graduate School. Until this year, the CPS was supported by UW The Simpson Center for the Humanities and administered by UW Bothell’s Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.  This will be a year of transition for our team and we look forward to supporting the incredible work of many public scholars.

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