Spring | Summer | Fall 2020

A special cross-departmental publishing project and showcase of student analysis and reporting on this year’s historic United States presidential election.

The Department of Communication is offering a three-course cycle in which participants will be encouraged to explore the digital reporting styles, genres, and methods necessary to create and manage an online publication.

Take only one course in the cycle or take them all—but more is better: Launch a beat, build sources, break news, discover your strengths, and make a difference; from Primary season right through Election Day!

During this cycle, students will:

  • Receive instruction on editing, packaging, publishing and promoting stories they author, focusing on the kind of national election issues that energize young voters
  • Report on the elections as they unfold here in the Pacific Northwest, and then travel* to crucial swing states, such as Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, to deliver on-the-ground reporting

The Department is also establishing content-sharing partnerships with local and national news outlets to further showcase the best course reporting.

Application Deadlines: 

Spring Quarter: March 22

Summer Quarter: June 14 

Fall Quarter: September 22

** Fill out the online application HERE **

+ All Department of Communication and Journalism program students are strongly encouraged to apply. A knowledge of political reporting and/or past experience with journalism content creation is an advantage.

+ Students from political science, information science, and other disciplines interested in reporting on the elections—to tell stories of debate, persuasion, derision, disinformation, apathy,  engagement, fear, and hope —are also encouraged to apply.

Questions? Contact John Tomasic (tomasic@uw.edu)

*The Department of Communication will supply air transportation and housing funds for swing-state travel. Additional details to be announced…