This group of awards is decided by faculty.

Deborah Kaplan Awards for Narrative Journalism
Gordon Kaplan created the Deborah Kaplan Awards to honor the work and legacy of his sister and Communication professor Deborah Kaplan. Kaplan was an innovative journalist and educator who had a long history of writing about social issues. In both of her careers, as a journalist and as a university professor, she used in-depth interviews, immersion reporting, and field work to document and detail the human condition. The Deborah Kaplan Awards are given annually to support outstanding undergraduate work in narrative journalism. Faculty decide these awards; students cannot apply for receipt.

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research: Honors Thesis
The Department issues annual awards for outstanding Honors thesis research projects by its students. The goal with these awards is to recognize outstanding completed work by students.  Faculty will reward projects that are intellectually rigorous and skillfully executed.  Consideration for these awards extend to a broad range of topics involving communication and with a broad range of approaches to scholarship and practice.  Students interested in having their work considered should submit their Honors thesis to Heather Werckle, Assistant Director of Academic Services, Graduate Programs, by April 15 each year.

Fred Baker Ethics Award
Colleagues and family of Fred E. Baker established the Fred Baker Ethics Award to honor the memory of Baker. This award identifies students who embody this long-time Seattle advertising executive’s commitment to ethical practice, leadership, and civic engagement – both inside and outside the classroom. The Department gives out five awards annually. Faculty decide these awards; students cannot apply for receipt.

Jody Deering Nyquist Awards for Excellence in Public Speaking and for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
Jody Deering Nyquist is Associate Dean Emerita of the UW Graduate School and an emerita member of the graduate faculty of the UW Department of Communication. Receiving both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Washington, Jody has been a faculty member since 1969. In 2005, Nyquist was inducted into the inaugural class of the Department of Communication’s Alumni Hall of Fame, and in 2014 was selected the Department’s Distinguished Alumna. Nyquist and the University of Washington Department of Speech Communication (now part of the Department of Communication) established this set of annual awards for undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of communication, public speaking, and original research. Faculty decide these awards; students cannot apply for receipt.

The Barbara Warnick Award for Outstanding Paper in Rhetoric
The Barbara Warnick Research Endowment honors the research, teaching, mentoring, and service of Barbara Warnick, whose leadership in Communication Studies broadly, and rhetorical scholarship especially, produced knowledge about public argument that has inspired many colleagues and students.  The Outstanding Paper in Rhetoric Award will be given to a paper produced within the previous calendar year by a UW student (undergraduate or graduate student), in which they are either sole author or first author in collaboration with other students, whether at UW or elsewhere.  The nominee is honored as part of the Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research presented during the Department’s Excellence in Communication Awards each spring quarter.

Pioneer News Group Excellence in Journalism Awards
Pioneer News Group is a family-owned, multimedia company committed to advancing and empowering the communities it serves by providing essential information and services as a trusted and indispensable public resource. In partnership with Pioneer News Group and as a result of their generous support of Journalism studies at the UW, the Department gives annual awards in the following categories: Opinion journalism, visual journalism, legislative journalism, community journalism, feature journalism, diversity journalism, digital journalism, environmental journalism, and global journalism. Faculty decide these awards; students cannot apply for receipt.