david_domkeIn an exciting new podcast series, Department of Communication Chair David Domke holds fun, probing, unscripted conversations with faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are doing new and outstanding things. Chats are about 10 to 15 minutes in length, and can be watched via video or downloaded as audio.



2/4/2015: LeiLani Nishime pairs research and teaching with community project

Associate Professor LeiLani Nishime’s focus of research and teaching is on mainstream representations of Asian Americans. When teaching the widespread stereotypes and misrepresentations of Asian Americans in the media, Nishime is often asked about the solutions. She has recently turned her research toward subcultural media productions (work produced by Asian Americans), which goes hand-in-hand with her community work at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival (SAAFF) – which aims to be part of the solution.

1/6/2015: Kathleen Fearn-Banks Reflects on the Second Edition of her book

Professor Kathleen Fearn-Banks talks about the second edition of her “Historical Dictionary of African American Television” and how 20 years in the television industry advanced her knowledge and helped her create personal connections with media stars.

12/2/2014: Andrea Otanez details the Olympia Legislative Reporting Internship Program

Journalism lecturer Andrea Otanez talks about the ins and outs of the Olympia Legislative Reporting Internship Program – a program that the Department of Communication has offered annually for more than four decades. Otanez is going into her second year leading the program this winter quarter.

11/4/2014: Michael Souders reinstitutes debate program, rapidly gaining momentum

Lecturer Michael Souders joined the UW Department of Communication in Fall 2013 with a goal (among others) to revive the debate program. The Debate Union was created, putting on several events a year and traveling across the country to compete. He shares how debate has been “the most transformational activity” in his life and how seeing that happen in other kids’ lives makes teaching and coaching enjoyable.

10/8/2014: Alumni Hall of Fame, Class of 2014

Three of the five 2014 Alumni Hall of Fame inductees talked with Chair David Domke about how their degrees in Communication aided their successful careers and what they have brought to their communities.

Jeff Barr (M.C., 2013): Innovative technology evangelist and software designer with a commitment to social justice

Ron Elgin (B.A., 1965): Advertising visionary and author with a humanitarian mindset

Sharon Carey LeeMaster (B.A., 1957): Fundraising expert with journalistic roots and a champion of the arts

2/26/2014: David Sherman Leaves Behind an Advising Legacy

After more than two decades of exemplary service to the Department of Communication, Director of Academic Services David Sherman is retiring.

To commemorate his time here, Sherman sat down with Chair David Domke for an unscripted chat about his beginnings at the Department, his love for helping students and the quality time he’ll soon be spending with his kayak.

12/5/2013: Celebrating Gerry Philipsen

Professor Gerry Philipsen is retiring after 35 years at the University of Washington. He has held numerous positions, including Chair of Speech Communication, Secretary of Faculty, Departmental Graduate Program Coordinator, and more. Last month, he received a 2013 Distinguished Scholar Award from the National Communication Association in Washington D.C. to add to a long list of honors. In this Chat with the Chair, Philipsen takes a look back at his long career, pinpointing life-changing moments – and predicts a lot of walking in his new lifestyle.

8/6/2013: Suicide: leading cause of death and central to Randy Beam’s research

Nearly 40,000 people commit suicide annually in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and suicide leads to about twice as many deaths as motor vehicle accidents in Washington State each year. Professor Randy Beam received $34,985 from the Royalty Research Fund to study news coverage of suicide with Social Work Assistant Jennifer Stuber. Hear about their progress and why this issue is important to Beam.

7/17/2013: Three Weeks In: Matt McGarrity Inspires MOOC Discussions From Around the World

Seattle Times higher education reporter Katherine Long caught up with Professor Matt McGarrity to see how his MOOC is progressing as he enters week four of his massive online public speaking course. With enrollment climbing to more than 112,000 people from all around the world, McGarrity is finding students making the experience their own and actually uploading their speeches for peer feedback. McGarrity is receiving some constructive responses as well, as he learned that his talking speed is a little too fast for some students. McGarrity told Long that the forum platform is useful, but difficult to navigate through the Coursera website.

As the MOOC movement continues to gain attention, McGarrity has been the subject of many e-learning blogs and personal discussions – just Google Matt McGarrity’s MOOC and you’ll find out. And he now has nearly 4,000 followers on Twitter after creating an account only a month ago. To follow up on his preliminary chat a few weeks ago, Department of Communication Chair David Domke sees for himself as he sits down with McGarrity to discuss how his MOOC has been received by a classroom of global students.

6/12/2013: Anita Verna Crofts takes off as Flight Instructor
Lecturer and Communication Leadership Associate Director Anita Verna Crofts has created an unprecedented position on the UW campus: Flight Instructor. What???? Hear about this new role, how she got her pilot’s license, and what are the substantial, tangible benefits for students, faculty, and staff in a “Chats with the Chair” podcast.

6/5/2013: Matt McGarrity and MOOCs: Should We Be Afraid? UWCOMM Chair Launches Podcast Series
David Domke grills Professor Matt McGarrity about his decision to teach a Massive Open Online Course — which currently has 30,000+ people enrolled and begins June 24. Find out why McGarrity is taking on this challenge, what students will learn, and what it means for higher education and the Department.