Kara Dillardkdillard@u.washington.edu

Savery Hall 255

Dr. Kara Dillard (Ph.D., Kansas State University) teaches courses in citizen engagement and urban governance, small group communication practices, and political deliberation. Her published academic work focuses on the mechanisms of successful citizen-based deliberation and understanding of how facilitators, by the means of their discursive choices, influence the content and quality of deliberative talk in public forums. She is a professionally trained public issues facilitator with a background in National Issues Forums (NIF) style deliberations, having convened and facilitated over forty community dialogues on topics ranging from health care costs, economic security, mental health care, the future of work and higher education, and the mission of public education. Beyond convening and facilitating face-to-face forums, Dr. Dillard has experience facilitating deliberative dialogues in online settings as well, including the new Common Ground for Action platform. Her research has been featured in Journal of Applied Communication Research and International Journal of Communication.