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April 2010 e-news index

photo of Department Chair David DomkeFrom the Chair

The new reality for institutions of higher education in Washington state — and probably across the nation — is that we need to be entrepreneurial in finding ways to support our faculty, staff, and students. We're ready in Communication. In recent years the Department has been developing self-sustaining programs that both serve the Northwest and facilitate new streams of revenue support. Read more from David Domke.


Department Plans Spring Fundraiser to Help Students, Their Careers

Photo of Communication honor studentsAmid the budget crisis, many departments are cutting back, losing precious and unique programs that mean a lot to students. The UW Department of Communication is determined to make sure this doesn’t happen to them.

On Thursday, April 15, the department will sponsor a fundraiser to raise money for the opportunities students have to learn outside the classroom.

"We are a department in which we believe very strongly that students learn as much outside the classroom as inside," said Department Chair David Domke. Read more.

Students explore Entrepreneurial Journalism

class discussionJournalism students face a career environment that has changed dramatically in the last few years. A new course, "Entrepreneurial Journalism," aims to prepare them for what lies ahead. The course is taught by the three founders of the nonprofit Common Language Project, who believe  that future journalists need to be trained in multimedia, that they may be working independently and that they may need a variety of funding sources. Read more.