Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Transforming Communities Spring Auction

Transforming Communities, One Communication Student at a Time

Department of Communication is committed to providing a transformative education. We push students to take on challenges, reach beyond themselves, and see the world in new ways. On April 26 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at the Center for Urban Horticulture, the department willl hold silent and short live auctions to raise funds for students. All funds raised - down to the last dime - will support students. We're excited to share this event with you and hope you can join us! Register online here.

April is Four Peaks Month

hacking edu

This April, Four Peaks powered by the MCDM, calls on us all to boldly re-imagine higher education, moving away from an industrialized, hierarchical model to one more steeped in collaborative leadership. “Hacking Edu: From Tower to Town Square” will host events throughout the month to map a community-sourced response to this issue of deep concern and solicit commitment to pursuing these new ideas in the months to follow. Read more.

Video Bootcamp: How to Shoot, Edit, and Upload Video to the Web

alexwcameraVideo is fast becoming a "lingua franca" for web communication. Whether you're in PR, business, the nonprofit sector, or journalism (or you're just dreaming of YouTube fame) skills in shooting, editing and posting video to the web are increasingly vital. This workshop will teach you those skills, whether you've never picked up a video camera in your life, or you're looking to hone the skills you already have. Beginners will learn to shoot simply but effectively using affordable HD cameras and edit using accessible and affordable software. Advanced participants will learn to shoot with prosumer HD cameras, edit in Adobe Premiere and compress their high-quality videos for distribution on the web.

This May 12 workshop in Communications 302 is presented by lecturer Alex Stonehill (above) of the Common Language Project.  Register today!