General Video

  1. [VIDEO] Interviewing in Bad Weather by Nancy Shang
  2. Video camera workflow by the Kristina Bowman
  3. Shooting video by the Kristina Bowman
  4. Video Tips by the Kristina Bowman
  5. [VIDEO] Setting Up the HTC Vive – Guy Sparkman
  6. COM video opportunities
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MiniDV Tape or DVD Video

  1. [VIDEO] Sony 1000U Broadcast Video Camera by Gloria Guo
  2. Sony PD170 & PD150 miniDV Video Cameras by Marcella Ernest
  3. Canon HDV-HV20 Basics by Stephanie Shih
  4. Sony Handycam DCR-DVD92 — Finalizing a Disc by Minh-Tam Pham
  5. Sony Handycam DCR-DVD92 – Quick Start Guide by Minh-Tam Pham
  6. Sony VX1000 by Justin Reed Vorhees
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Flash Memory Video

  1. [VIDEO] Sony PMW-200 Camcorder by Kierra Elfalen
  2. [VIDEO] Canon Vixia HF G10 by Elias Demisse
  3. [VIDEO] Canon Vixia HF R32 by Nicolette Jimenez
  4. [VIDEO] Sony PMW-200 Camcorder & Shot Techniques by Randy Salgado
  5. [VIDEO] Sony PMW-200 and Sennheiser Wireless Microphones by Isabelle Xu
  6. [VIDEO] Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera by Ramon Resendiz
  7. Flip Video Camera USB Unload Tutorial by Andre Bayard
  8. Flip Video Camera by Dae-Woo Chun
  9. Canon Power Shot A590 IS by Daniel Hanks
  10. Nikon Coolpix 995 Tutorial by Ugbad Hassan
  11. Tutorial Nikon Coolpix 5700 by Ugbad Hassan
  12. Canon Vixia HF10 tutorial by Carol Keum
  13. Kodak Zi8 HD Tutorial by Han Xu
  14. GoPro Hero 2 Tutorial by Evan Swope


  1. [VIDEO] Food Photography (with lighting kit and Canon Rebel T6i) by Adelia Sindunata
  2. [VIDEO] Shooting Long Exposure Photographs Using a Canon 5D Mark 4 by Ruyue Feng
  3. [VIDEO] Photographing a Model by Nicole Chen
  4. [VIDEO] Capturing Motion in Photography by Timea Talaber
  5. [VIDEO] Using a Flash by Ria Rong
  6. [VIDEO] Long Exposure Photography by Andrew Siev
  7. [VIDEO] Nikon D5000/D5100 by Yunfei Zhao
  8. [VIDEO] Shooting in JPEG vs. RAW by Elizabeth Amos
  9. [VIDEO] Photographing Animals by Yu-en Yen
  10. [VIDEO] GroPro Camera Timelapse by Phoebe Poon
  11. [VIDEO] Taking Headshots with a DSLR camera by Tingyi Lee
  12. [VIDEO] Composition of Photography by Cookie Luo
  13. Outdoor photo basics by Andrew Bertschi
  14. Canon Rebel XT basics by Andrew Bertschi
  15. Canon Rebel XTi ESO by Linshan Zhao
  16. Nikon D-80 by Wai Tung (Livia) Lee
  17. Nikon D-80 ISO and white balance settings by Samantha Stenson

Audio Recorders

  1. [VIDEO] The Zoom H4N and Conducting Research Interviews by Jan Patrick Campanano
  2. Sony MP3 Recorder by Khadija Flaherty
  3. Olympus WS 300M Voice Recorder by Michael Treacy
  4. Olympus WS Voice Recorder by Andre Bayard
  5. Edirol R-09 Tutorial by Michael Treacy
  6. Recording Sound by Kristina Bowman
  7. Recording and Editing Sound by Evan Swope


  1. [VIDEO] Lowell Lighting Kit by Greta Carlson
  2. [VIDEO] Bouncing a Flash by Aleximie Holleaux
  3. [VIDEO] 3-Point LED Lighting Kit by Aleximie Holleaux
  4. Lighting Tutorial by Marcella Ernest


  1. [VIDEO] Wireless and Shotgun Microphones by Katy Yu
  2. Compatibility with voice recorders/pocket camcorders by Justin Rolfe-Redding
  3. Audio-Technica Wireless System Tutorial by Michael Starbuck Treacy
  4. Samson C01U Studio Condenser Mic Set by Elaine Lee Han
  5. C01U USB Studio Condenser Mic by Sasa Mao
  6. Rode NTG-2 by Justin Reed Vorhees
  7. Recording and Editing Sound by Evan Swope


  1. [VIDEO] Applying Video Effects in Adobe Premiere by Christine Kang
  2. [VIDEO] Hand Drawn Type Using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator by Gina Liu
  3. [VIDEO] Keyframing in After Effects by Nicole Rader
  4. [VIDEO] Simple Keyframing in Adobe After Effects Yiran Jia
  5. [VIDEO] Logomaking Using Pathfinder Tool and Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator by Nanxiao Yang
  6. [VIDEO] Editing Photos in Camera RAW by Tracey Wright
  7. [VIDEO] Hue/Saturation Tool in Photoshop by Xing Hu
  8. [VIDEO] Adobe Premiere Tool Panel by Yaqi Sun
  9. [VIDEO] Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop by Boyao Dao
  10. [VIDEO] Adobe Audition by Yujing Zhao
  11. [VIDEO] Green Screening by Kara Zhang
  12. [VIDEO] HDR Photomerge in Adobe Photoshop by Peter Lin
  13. [VIDEO] Photoshop for Headshots by Tingyi Lee
  14. [VIDEO] Removing a Background in Adobe Photoshop by Hanyuan Dong
  15. [VIDEO] Green Screening in Adobe Premiere by Rhea Panela
  16. [VIDEO] Lower Thirds in After Effects by Lynsey Lorraine
  17. [VIDEO] Final Cut Pro X by Chloe Wu
  18. [VIDEO] Tableau Public Basics by Sidney Sullivan
  19. [VIDEO] Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere by Monica Tran
  20. [VIDEO] Sweeping Circle Animation in Adobe After Effects by Negin Shahbazi
  21. [VIDEO] Postermaking in Adobe Illustrator by Emily Wang
  22. [VIDEO] Cloning in Final Cut Pro X by Michelle Cha
  23. [VIDEO] Keyframing in Final Cut Pro X by Michelle Cha
  24. [VIDEO] Facial Tracking in Adobe After Effects by Mia Ming
  25. [VIDEO] Double Exposure in Adobe Illustrator by Fiona Fei
  26. [VIDEO] Postermaking in Sketch by Sophie Wang
  27. [VIDEO] Blur Mask in Adobe Premiere by Rebecca Michael
  28. [VIDEO] Scribble Effect in After Effects by Negin Shahbazi
  29. [VIDEO] Patternmaking in Adobe Illustrator by Kaylee Strachan
  30. [VIDEO] Swatch Libraries in Adobe Illustrator by Florence
  31. [VIDEO] Timelapse and Hyperlapse by Yunqi Huang
  32. [VIDEO] Particle Trail and Wiping Text in Adobe After Effects by Jade Li
  33. [VIDEO] GarageBand Podcast by Mikey Chen
  34. Adobe Flash for Beginners 1 by Brian Geoghagan
  35. Adobe Flash for Beginners 2 by Brian Geoghagan
  36. Using Windows Movie Maker by Andre Bayard
  37. Editing audio with Adobe Audition by Jarrett Tomalin
  38. Image resize with Photoshop by Andrew Bertschi
  39. Editing Video with Windows Live Movie Maker by Kristina Bowman
  40. Editing Video with Adobe Premiere by Kristina Bowman
  41. Sizing a photo in Photoshop by Kristina Bowman
  42. Soundslides by Kristina Bowman
  43. Editing Sound in Audacity by Kristina Bowman
  44. Basics of Adobe Premiere by Evan Swope
  45. Basics of Adobe Illustrator by Evan Swope
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Social Media & Web

  1. Leveraging Technology to Become a Green Scholar by Kristina Bowman
  2. Twitter for Research and Information by Kristina Bowman
  3. Livestream instructions by Kristina Bowman
  4. Livestream or Skype from classroom computer by Kristina Bowman
  5. Dreamweaver by Kristina Bowman
  6. HTML basics by Kristina Bowman
  7. Creating a Web Portfolio and Making the Most of Your Online Identity by Kristina Bowman
  8. Installing WordPress on UW servers by Kristina Bowman
  9. Posting to Chung (News Lab) by Kristina Bowman
  10. Chung addendum for Windows (News Lab) by Kristina Bowman
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Recording Studio Instructions

  1. Audio Recording by Kyle Hepworth
  2. Video Recording by Kyle Hepworth