The Department of Communication welcomes visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral students from across the U.S. and around the world. The department hosts up to two faculty/postdoctoral visitors and two graduate student visitors (typically advanced doctoral students) at a time for up to 12 months. Prospective visitors are asked to read the following information carefully and consult both the links that are provided here and the departmental website for faculty and research center profiles.

Visiting scholars are welcome at all departmental colloquia and department events. Visiting faculty and postdoctoral fellows may audit courses with the permission of the instructor. Visiting scholars are expected to:

  • give a colloquium lecture during their stay
  • produce a working paper to be posted on the department web site
  • interact regularly with departmental faculty and graduate students
  • involve departmental graduate students in their research if appropriate

Visiting scholars are also encouraged to enrich the departmental community in other ways, such as by participating in graduate seminars, initiating topical reading groups for faculty and students, collaborating on research projects and symposia, and inviting members of the departmental community to their home institutions.

In selecting visiting scholars each year, the primary criteria the department looks for is a good fit between the research interests of the prospective visitor and at least 2-3 of the faculty and/or graduate students in the department. Prospective visitors need to secure at least one faculty “sponsor,” that is, a faculty member in the department whose research interests align with theirs and who supports their application to visit the department. In addition to a primary sponsor, prospective visitors must find one or two other departmental faculty or graduate students with whom they share interests and who are willing to liaison with them during their visit.

Learn more about applying to be a faculty/postdoctoral visitor HERE.

Learn more about applying to be a graduate student/doctoral researcher visitor HERE.

2016-17 visiting scholars include Teresa Pierce and Silke Adam