E-Mail: kfoot (at) uw.edu

The UW Department of Communication encourages faculty to do public scholarship, that is, to engage in constructive dialogue not only with academics but also with other citizens, diverse communities, and political and cultural leaders. Such dialogue increases the potential transformative power of communication scholarship, while also fulfilling a central mission of a public research university. Dr. Foot is committed to publicly-oriented, practice-informed, collaborative scholarship. Both the participatory action research methodology Dr. Foot employs in her work on anti-trafficking efforts, and the book she has written on collaboration in combating human trafficking, are forms of public scholarship. Dr. Foot’s book provides theoretically-informed, evidence-based research to law enforcement officers, advocacy groups, and other kinds of anti-trafficking leaders in accessible ways. Her other publicly available articles on anti-trafficking efforts include recommendations for law enforcement officers on working with advocacy groups (co-authored with former police lieutenant John Vanek), and a groundbreaking longitudinal analysis of global anti-trafficking efforts. She curates and develops online resources to help advance multi-sector collaboration against human trafficking here.

In addition to writing for audiences beyond academics, Dr. Foot engages in public scholarship by advising several multisector counter-trafficking initiatives at city, state, and national levels.

For more information on Dr. Foot’s research, courses, and publications, visit her faculty page.