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William Mari
  Entry Year: 2010
  Graduated: Spring 2016
  Degree Program: PhD
  Area of Study: media/journalism history, professionalization of the media, political communication
  Undergraduate Degree: history, journalism
  Other Degree: MPhil, history

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Will completed his undergrad BA's in history and journalism from the UW, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. After a year in the UK at the University of Cambridge (Wolfson College) finishing his MPhil in history, with a special focus on journalistic work practices in the 18th century, he returned to the UW for his Ph.D. His current areas of research include:

Journalism studies (media history and media law), media organization, sociology of work/professional theory, communication and culture, religion and communication

His current dissertation research includes a social history of the American newsroom from the early twentieth century through the 1960s, looking at issues of coordination and control and the development of professional identity and occupational values within journalism. This research has a special focus on how news workers —reporters and editors — formed their identities and values by working together, but also through the adaption of new media technologies and in the context and influence of larger social and economic forces.

When he's not reading for research, he reads for fun, writes about words and their etymologies (via @willthewordguy), hikes/scrambles, likes to run, and spends time with his friends and family.