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Matthew Bellinger
  Entry Year: 2011
  Degree Program: PhD
  Area of Study: Rhetoric, Digital Culture, Digital Currencies
  Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Sociology, Portland State University
  Other Degree: M.A. Communication, University of Washington

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Matt Bellinger is a Ph.D. candidate in the UW Department of Communication. Matt has a M.A. in Communication from UW and B.A. in Sociology from Portland State University. He is interested in the narratives, metaphors, tropes, and arguments that people use to make sense of new technologies, and the process by which new technologies move from being unfamiliar and anxiety-inducing to familiar and routinized. His current research focuses on rhetorics of and about Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Recent publications:

Recent conference presenations:

  • Bellinger, M. (2016, May). The algorithmic persona: Rhetoric in the age of Google. Paper presented to the Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, GA.

  • Bellinger, M. (2016, April). Money as a medium of communication. Paper presented to the What is Media? Conference, Portland, OR.

  • Bellinger, M. (2016, March). Blockchain as witness: On Bitcoin and the cryptographic record. Paper presented to the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association Conference, Seattle, WA. (Communication and Digital Culture Division)

  • Bellinger, M. (2015, February). Technologies of disavowal: Agency and responsibility in digital communication. Paper presented to the Western States Communication Association Conference, Spokane, WA. (Media Studies Division)

  • Bellinger, M. (2015, February). Twitter and algorithmic rhetoric: The case of @Anti_Racism_Dog. Paper presented to the Western States Communication Association Conference, Spokane, WA. (Rhetoric and Public Address Division)

  • Bellinger, M. (2014, May). The rhetorical problem of perversion. Paper presented to the International Communication Association Conference, Seattle, WA. (Philosophy, Theory, and Critique Division)

  • Bellinger, M. (2014, March). Error-oriented ontology: Failure and subjectivity in digital texts. Paper presented to the Society for Textual Scholarship Conference, Seattle, WA.

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