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Ruth Moon
  Entry Year: 2012
  Degree Program: PhD
  Area of Study: global communication
  Undergraduate Degree: English literature (Wheaton College, Ill.)
  Other Degree: M.A., political science (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)

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Ruth Moon is working on her dissertation, which looks at journalism practice in Rwanda and nearby countries. She studies the ways journalists do their jobs in many contexts, and in her spare time she practices photography and does some journalism of her own.


Moon, R. (Forthcoming). Getting Into Living Rooms: NGO Media Relations as Strategic Practice. Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism.

Moon, R. (2016). A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of News Coverage in Kenya’s Daily Nation and The Times of London. International Journal of Communication, 10, 2381–2401.

Book Chapters, Working Papers, and Other Publications

Moon, R. (2016). Book Review: Mapping BRICS Media. International Journal of Communication, 10, 6165–6168.

Barthel, M., Moon, R., and Mari, W. (2015). Who Retweets Whom? How Digital and Legacy Journalists Interact on Twitter. Tow Center for Digital Journalism. Tow/Knight Report 030520151. 21 pp. New York, New York.

Moon, R. (2014). Book Review: Bits and Atoms: Information and Communication Technology in Areas of Limited Statehood. New Media & Society, 16 (8), 1340–1342. doi:10.1177/1461444814546303a.