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Samuel Woolley
  Entry Year: 2013
  Degree Program: PhD
  Area of Study: Communication, Technology, and Society | Political Communication | Automation

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I'm broadly interested in communication practices in the spheres of politics and technology, especially when examined in empirically informed interpretive contexts. My sub-interests are in tech and society, automation/AI, state interference in digital networks, internet governance, policy and digital activism.

My PhD advisory committee is chaired by Phil Howard and includes Gina Neff, Benjamin Mako Hill, Christine Harold, and Ryan Calo (UW Law).

At the moment, I'm working as the project manager on the NSF supported Political Bots Project (, a researcher on the New Pathways to Data Science Project (, a researcher on the Digital Activism Research Project (, and research and undergraduate learning community coordinator at the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (

In the 2014/2015 academic year I was a doctoral research fellow at the Center for Media, Data, and Society at Central European University.

Prior to--and throughout--my academic career, I've also enjoyed working on various political campaigns, on arts and culture projects/journalism, in the realms of food and wine, and on my family's farms in Colorado and California.

Feel free to contact me via email or @samuelwoolley on Twitter.

Selected Academic Work:

Forthcoming Chapter in the Routledge 'Handbook of Media, Conflict and Security'--

Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation's 'Collected Essays on Data and Discrimination', Scammers, Spammers, and Trolls: Political Bot Manipulation--

Selected Commentary Work: