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Sheetal Agarwal
  Entry Year: 2009
  Graduated: Spring 2015
  Degree Program: PhD
  Area of Study: Political Communication; Comm, Tech & Society
  Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Communication and International Relations - University of San Diego
  Other Degree: M.A. in Communication, Culture, and Technology - Georgetown University

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Originally from California, Sheetal Doshi Agarwal most recently hails from Washington DC. After graduating from the University of San Diego in 2004, Sheetal moved to DC to work as investigative journalist with the Center for Public Integrity. While there she reported from southeast Asia for an SPJ award-winning project with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists examining US HIV/AIDS policy abroad.
Her experience with online journalism and technology led her to pursue a M.A. in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University. During her time in the program she worked on a several projects examining media, technology, and politics.
Her thesis examined how young mobilized leaders use their social networks to draw support to their political and/or social causes. Sheetal hopes to continue examining the way technology and media influence how citizens choose to engage in democratic practices.

Sheetal is currently lead researcher with the Center of Communication and Civic Engagement. She is working on several projects examining the application of technology in different contexts including youth civic organizations, social movements, and in state legislature processes. Her dissertation is focused on identifying how organizational values are embedded in the design, development, implementation and use of civic technologies.

Sheetal enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, traveling, and baking (and eating) cookies in her spare time.