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Kristine Mroczek
  Entry Year: 2009
  Graduated: Summer 2016
  Degree Program: PhD
  Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude with Distinction in Communication, University of Washington
  Other Degree: Master of Arts in Communication, University of Washington

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Kristine Mroczek is a Ph.D. candidate interested in communication and culture, critical cultural communication, identity and discourse analysis. Her research interests focus on identity and the power of representations through narrative and multimodal approaches. She is currently studying representations of Australian Aboriginal people who live in a place with a tourism image that contrasts with its politics and history. She is exploring whether Aboriginal hosts’ utilization of cultural objects, specifically Australian Aboriginal art, enables them to potentially interject representations of their identity that are different than that of the dominant tourism industry or government tourism authority. Kristine's research is inherently interdisciplinary and has given her the opportunity to examine the ways that dominant marketing strategies, consumers’ preconceived ideas and economic need create a tension with the politics and history of a place. Her research considers the ways various “hosts” of tourism produce an identity that serves as a commodity to sell a place, and how representations of self and other are inherently tied to power and privilege.

Kristine completed her Master of Arts degree from the University of Washington after working several years in event planning and public relations in Hawai’i. Her masters thesis was titled “(De)constructing the Tourist 'Bubble': Cultural Ambassadors and the Production of Hawai'i in Tourism Discourse.” Kristine has always practiced some form of art, from photography to painting, and is intrigued with how it adds another dimension to the study of visual communication and semiotics. Her time in Hawai’i plays a significant role in driving her focus in learning and comprehending how everyday language and communication creates power relations, ingrouping / outgrouping, othering and how it forms one’s identity. In Kristine’s “ideal” leisure time, she enjoys cooking gluten-free and drinking wine with her husband and friends, making jewelry, traveling and enjoying any water activity + sunny weather.