The communication discipline began as the study of rhetoric, and some of the courses in this area explore rhetorical theory. Other courses in this concentration include both rhetorical criticism and modern critical theories of communication.


The faculty listed below emphasize this area of study in their teaching and research, though most have additional areas of expertise. This list is not exhaustive, as many University of Washington faculty outside the Department of Communication also teach courses and conduct research in this area.


Ceccarelli McGarrity
Harold Nishime
Joseph Gonzalez


Graduate students who wish to learn more about rhetoric and critical/cultural studies can enroll in the Department of Communication courses listed below. Students also typically enroll in other courses within and outside the Department, and students are welcome to develop programs of study that combine different area emphases.

Students may be particularly interested in coursework from faculty in the English department who list rhetorical theory as an area of interest.

COM 512 Critical, Social, and Practice-Based Approaches
COM 514 Critical Discourse Analysis
COM 515 Rhetorical Criticism
COM 516 Descriptive and Analytic Comm Research Methods
COM 530 Phil Issues in Rhetorical and Comm Theory
COM 531 Rhetoric in Society
COM 532 Classical Rhetoric
COM 534 Studies in Contemporary Rhetoric
COM 535 Critical Theory Applications in Comm
COM 538 Theories and Criticism of Comm Technology
COM 540 The Rhetoric of Science
COM 563 Black Cultural Studies
COM 566 Discourse and Sex/uality
COM 567 Ethnicity, Gender, and Comm