2011 COMGrad Cohort

ComGSA is an organization whose membership consists of the graduate students in the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. Generally speaking, the mission of ComGSA is: To facilitate the academic, social, and professional well being of graduate students and to help maintain a collaborative, collegial graduate student community.

If you have questions about CGSA or would like to get involved, e-mail any of the officers for more information.

2016-17 CGSA board members

  • Kyle Kubler
  • Kevin Calderwood
  • KC Lynch
  • Beth Bollinger
  • Devon Geary

2015-16 CGSA board members

  • Victoria Thomas
  • Sam Shorey
  • Katya Kolesova
  • Polly O’Keary

2014-15 CGSA board members

  • Kristen Barta
  • Anjuli Brekke
  • Margaret Fesenmaier
  • Tanya Oishi
  • Daniel Stofleth

2013-14 CGSA board members

  • Matt Bellinger
  • Meara Faw
  • Ruth Moon
  • Liz Parks
  • Jess Peragine

2012-13 CGSA board members

  • Miles Coleman
  • Elizabeth Cortez
  • Traci Feller
  • Jacquelyn Harvey Knowles
  • Jennifer McClearen