BA with a Major in Communication: Journalism

1. Students applying to the Journalism program need to complete only one of the introductory courses from COM 201 or 202 and may apply as freshmen. Both introductory courses need to be completed for graduation.

2. Credits completed prior to application: at least 10 UW graded, in-residence credits; no ESL credits count.

3. Minimum GPA: Applications with a cumulative GPA below 2.5 will not be considered. The average cumulative GPA achieved by accepted applicants in previous years is a 3.2.

4. Applications are available on this page the first week of autumn, winter, and spring quarters.

5. Online application contents: (a) basic information; (b) transcript, grade reports, transfer evaluation sheets through prior quarter, course information; (c) desired major pathway (general communication, journalism, and/or honors) and degree/career goals; (d) writing sample; (e) personal statement explaining what led applicant to apply to the major. This can refer to an issue of concern, an inspiring book or article, or a relevant experience; and (f) any other information.

6. Notification: Within approximately 4 weeks.

7. Review: Conducted quarterly by the undergraduate studies staff with oversight by the faculty’s Undergraduate Committee.