Methods Requirements

To teach students how knowledge, relationships, and cultural patterns are created, revealed, and maintained through communication, students in the Department of Communication are required to take one course (5 credits) that is primarily methodological. Students can choose from an array of courses, and they are encouraged to pursue courses most relevant to their own interests. Courses in the Department that emphasize one or more modes of communication inquiry include the following:

Number Title
COM 301 Navigating Information Networks for Mass Media
COM 342 Media Structure
COM 381 Content Analysis
COM 382 Social Scientific Approaches to Communication Research
COM 383 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
COM 420 Comparative Media Images
COM 426 International Media Systems
COM 431 Rhetorical Criticism
COM 470 Discourse: Analyzing Talk and Texts
COM 485 Fieldwork In Communication Studies
COM 486 Communication and Culture in Rome: Study Abroad
COM 496 Honors Seminar