Rosemary Gibbons

Rosemary Gibbons is a Mimbres Apache/ Chicana, the first graduated student to get a Masters degree from the Native Voices Program. She is a member of the steering committee of the Boarding School Healing Project (BSHP) that is currently involved in education, validation, healing and making the Federal Government accountable for the wrongs committed in the United States Indian boarding school system. She is a board member of "Long House Media" and on the steering committee of INCITE. Rosemary is currently the State MESA Project Manager of a native youth program called "Reel Stories."

Rosemary is the director of the award-winning documentary short at the 2003 San Francisco American Indian Film Festival:

A Century of Genocide in the Americas: The Residential School Experience is a short but powerful documentary about how Indian Residential Schools became a haven for institutionalized sexual abuse. The inspiration for the film comes from the First Nations survivors of the residential school experience who have taken legal action against the institutions that perpetuated this destructive cycle; the very same institutions that were chartered to provide them an education and provide for their well being.

"A quiet and powerful story. There's so much pain here and so much poetry. This is a movie we all need to see."

-Sherman Alexie

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