Katy Pearce 2015 (150x200)Ph.D., Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2011
M.A., International Studies, University of London School for Oriental and African Studies, 2006
B.A., Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, & Islamic Studies; American Culture, University of Michigan, 2001

Office: CMU 340E
E-Mail: kepearce@uw.edu

Website: http://katypearce.net/
Curriculum Vitae

Katy E. Pearce, assistant professor, researches social and political uses of technologies and digital content in non-democratic contexts, specifically in the semi- and fully-authoritarian states of former Soviet Union. Her current research areas include digital divides and inequalities; the affordances of information and communication technologies for social and opposition movements; and online impression management. Pearce also holds an affiliation with the Ellison Center for Russian East European, and Central Asian Studies.

Selected Publications

Pearce, K. E. (2014). Two can play at that game: Social media opportunities in Azerbaijan for government & opposition. Demokratizatsiya, 22, 39-66.

Pearce, K. E., & Hajizada, A. (2014). No laughing matter: Humor as a means of dissent in the digital era: The case of authoritarian Azerbaijan. Demokratizatsiya, 22, 67-85.

Pearce, K. E., & Rice, R. E. (2013). Digital divides from access to activities: Comparing mobile and PC Internet users. Journal of Communication, 63, 721-744.

Pearce, K. E., Slaker, J. S., & Ahmad, N. (2013). Transnational families in Armenia and information communication technology use. International Journal of Communication, 7, 2128-2156.

Pearce, K. E. (2013). Phoning it in: Theory in mobile media and communication in developing countries. Mobile Media & Communication, 1, 76-82.

Pearce, K. E., & Kendzior, S. (2012). Networked authoritarianism and social media in Azerbaijan. Journal of Communication, 62(2), 283-298.

Nisbet, E. C., Stoycheff, E., & Pearce, K. E., (2012). Internet use and democratic demands: A multinational, multilevel model of Internet use and citizen attitudes about democracy. Journal of Communication, 62(2), 249-265.

Pearce, K. E. (2011). Convergence through mobile peer-to-peer file sharing in the Republic of Armenia. International Journal of Communication, 5, 511-528.