Jessica Robles 2015 (150x200)PhD University of Colorado at Boulder

Office: CMU 231


Curriculum Vitae

Jessica S. Robles, lecturer in Communication, is a scholar in language and social interaction and teaches courses related to discourse, culture, identity, and ethics. Her work examines interactionally, relationally, and culturally situated morality as a communicative practice. She takes a discourse analytic and grounded practical theoretical approach to recordings of naturally-occurring conversation in a range of settings and contexts. This project investigates the role of difference in local communicative challenges, participant strategies for managing those challenges, and the moral norms implicated therein. She is a co-author with Karen Tracy of the second edition of the book Everyday Talk: Building and Reflecting Identities.

Recent Publications

Robles, J. S. (forthcoming). Extreme case (re)formulation as a practice for making hearably-racist talk repairable [special issue on –isms in interaction]. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.

Ho, E. Y., Cady, K. A., & Robles, J. S. (forthcoming). The “ancient Hindu practice of schnoz-cleansing”: Analyzing the Americanization of Asian health traditions in neti pot news coverage. Health Communication.

Kurylo, A. & Robles, J.S. (2015). How should I respond to them? An emergent categorization of responses to interpersonally communicated stereotypes. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 44, 64-91.

Robles, J. S. & Ho, E. Y. (2014). Interactional formats and institutional context: A practical and exploitable distinction in interviews. Text & Talk, 34, 443-465.

Robles, J. S. (2012). Troubles with assessments in gifting occasions. Discourse Studies, 14, 753-777.

Robles, J. S. (2012). A discourse analysis of social construction in communication scholarship [special issue on social construction]. Electronic Journal of Communication, 22. Retrieved from

Robles, J. S. (2011). Doing disagreement in the House of Lords: “Talking around the issue” as a context-appropriate argumentative strategy. Discourse & Communication, 5, 147-168.

Ho, E. Y. & Robles, J. (2011). Cultural resources for health participation in a public health setting: Examining acupuncture and massage therapy for HIV-related peripheral neuropathy. Health Communication, 26, 1-12.

Tracy, K., Martinez-Guillem, S., Robles, J. S. & Casteline, K.E. (2011). Critical discourse analysis and (U.S.) communication scholarship: Recovering old connections, envisioning new ones. In C. Salmon (Ed.), Communication Yearbook 35 (pp. 240-286).   New York: Routledge.